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Radio control push buttons


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Hey guys,


I'm going to wire in a push button for my garage door opener on the left hand side where the radio controls are. Has anyone tried to order one of these OEM push buttons from BMW? I haven't taken the fairing off yet so I'm not sure how these switches are wired in or if they will even work for this application.


I have a couple other options to choose from. There are some that will work on Amazon and Digikey. Just requires a simple pushbutton (SPST, Off - Momentary On).  Would be nice to keep a fully OEM look if possible though...


I included some pictures of the garage door opener I installed on my Victory for anyone interested in how to do so.







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From Max BMW microfiche:


The buttons can be a little pricey for using just one, but the cover can be bought a little cheaper in order to use a on/off button that can be hidden.


There should be plenty of room behind the console, just pay attention to where the trim panel screws come from and replace them exactly back where they belong; there are different lengths with different shoulders.  


Keep us posted as I may entertain the idea of mounting a remote button as well.   For now, the remote stays in my left jacket pocket and works well enough for me to leave things as they are.   Occasionally, the remote gets flipped around in the pocket.  :ohboy:



Screenshot 2021-09-11 074423.png

Screenshot 2021-09-11 074850.png

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Switch from ebay ($1), scrap wire soldered to a key fob opener ($20).  Opener fastened under panel with adhesive velcro. The wire scraps had connectors already, so it's easy to remove the fob for battery replacement, though it's not the neatest installation. Original battery still working after ten years. The Hexheads without audio used an inexpensive blanking plate over the hole for the radio controls, so it was easy to take a drill to it.

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Thanks guys. Those OEM buttons are definitely not worth it at that price. If they were individual pieces it may have worked. The pushbutton I ordered comes in the mail today. I'll likely make it happen tomorrow and post up the final results.

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Hmm, I have two pushbuttons now and don't think I really care for how either will look. One is too glossy and the other has an LED ring around it which I don't think will look right. I think I'll just keep the OEM look of the panel and not do any drilling.


Going to have to think of another option 🤔 Right now I have an opener in the front left storage compartment but I would prefer not to have to open that each time. 

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