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Columbus NC Trip


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My brother-in-law and I took a trip to Columbus NC and back 18-25 August.  We met up on I-65 just north of Evergreen, AL and continued to Columbus.  We stayed with a friend of his who lives up on White Oak Mountain.  We were able to ride every day and logged about 800 miles.  After riding up and down White Oak Mountain about a dozen times, I will never complain about one of Bernie's more technical routes again.  Actually, we happened to ride part of a START route that gave me a challenge in the Spring.  This time it didn't seem bad at all.  The most interesting moment was when a bear cub came blasting out of the woods to my right, ran along beside me for a few yards and then cut across the road behind me but in front of my brother-in-law.  Fortunately there was a good gap between us.  Good trip!

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John Ranalletta

Since Whip is probably busy, I'll reply: "If there are no pictures, it didn't happen.":D

Glad you had what sounds like a great week of riding.

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Nice place! I know what you mean about getting on some technical roads that challenge, makes the rest a walk in the park.

I also had a bear cub incident, and immediately thought, where's mom bear? I also realized I didn't have to outrun her if she came charging out, I just had to outride my buddy!  He didn't think it funny when I told that to him later on.

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