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2011 R1200rt non-ESA rear shock replacement


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So, a few weeks ago I had my bike at the dealer to install some new tires.  The service tech informed me that the rear shock had zero compression damping and showed me.  The dealer steered me to EPM performance in Matawan NJ.  Klaus and Brian were very helpful and we ordered a Wilbers type 641 competition rear shock.  When I went to install it, the upper shock mount was wider that the space in the frame.  I searched but couldn't find any info on the correct course of action.  I figured I had 3 choices:  Modify the expensive brand new shock, modify the frame, or put it back together and let a mechanic deal with it.  I opted to remove about 2mm of metal on each side of the frame and got it all back together in short order.  Relatively easy install despite the need for metal work.  Can't wait to do the front. (Not really) 


The most difficult part for me, at least, was getting started.  However, once I got out the Dremel and took a bit of metal off, it was smooth sailing.






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I've replaced two sets of shocks on camheads, one with ESA and one without. No grinding required on either.  


The front is a little more fun!  Seems like I had to turn the shock (bushing front to rear), slide it through the bottom mount, turn the shock 90 degrees and pull the shock up to the bottom mount.  

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