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Paul Mihalka
What is the best helmet?
That is about as easy to answer as who is the most beautiful woman. I would vote for my wife and my helmets grin.gif But you can't have either!
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which ever fits you the best


Yup. My advice is to go the a good motorcycle shop, ignore the brand names and price tags, get some help, and then play Goldilocks (... too big ... too small ...) until you get the one that is just right. Take your glasses if you wear them. Wear the helmet for at least 20 minutes.


For me, the best turned out to be an Arai Quantum/f. Expensive, but it has served me well for 3.5 years of nearly daily use in commuting. That model has been superseded, and I'm about due for a new lid, so I'll soon be going through the process again.

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Always best to try them to see what fits best. I've had Shoei and Arai. I prefer Arai and just got the Quantum II (replaced the F) and am very happy. With Arai, it depends on the shape of your head as to which model fits best.

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GREAT Question, and tomorrow we can discuss the best OIL.... ooo.gif


I think everone will have their own preferences, but I like extra virgin olive oil, especially with salads.....

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I too have been searching for a new helmet. Wearing glasses complicates matters if you want to go to full face and not wear a flipup. Before you go to the shops to try on helmets, you can go to motorcyclegearreview.com and webbikeworld.com and click on helmet reviews and see what they have to say about their reviews on various helmets.

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List 5 things (there are actually more) that are most important to you in helmet selection and we might be able to provide you with better advise. Even then, since your head is likely shaped different from anyone elses other than a general oblate spheroid, you are just gonna have to find out for yourself.

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