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Daytona Road Star sizing


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I just received a pair of Daytona Road Star GTX boots and they are finely crafted and very well made. I followed the sizing recommendations on the Revzilla and Daytona site to select my size.  When the boots arrived they seemed to be a little roomy (there is approx 3/4") from the end of my toe to the end of the boot.  I thought that maybe this room was by design and went out for a spin in the boots. Like all new boots/shoes on the bike things weren't exactly automatic like they are on a familiar shoe.  I found myself "searching" for the shifter a little and missed a couple of up shifts.   I do feel the extra room in the boot however. Initially I thought I would return the boot and exchange for  1 size smaller but after 1 short 1 hr ride there is a very small scuff on the left boot made by the shifter. Maybe scuff isn't the word because the leather isn't rubbed or damaged you can see where the shifter made contact with the boot.  So I don't think Revzilla will accept the boots as a return. I wonder if I should just keep the boots and get used to the slight roomy feel of the boot or if maybe the sizing chart is a little off.  Those of you with these boots, did you experience a similar size/feel adjustment?  I have listed these boots for sale here just in case but looking for some feedback on these boots size. 

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I usually need a 10 1/2, 2E or 4E width shoe. The size charts suggested that I needed a 44 wide version of the GTX, but at the time those were hard to find in the U.S., and I was reluctant to chance a return to Europe.  Then a near-new,, regular width, used pair appeared in one of the forum's classified at a very good price and I took a chance.  They fit perfectly, both length and width, and are extremely comfortable walking or riding.  Shifting did take some adjustment, maybe because they are little stiffer in the ankle than my old work boots.  Some space at the toe is good, but your foot should not slide back and forth as you walk.


A few other thoughts:

You might want to call or email Revzilla to ask about exchanging the boots, instead of assuming they are unreturnable. Maybe include a picture of the shifter scuff. Worst that can happen is they say "No."

I used to have a pair of work boots that was sized a little big, a second pair of socks tightened them up and provided a little extra cushioning.

I've reduced scuffs on vinyl by rubbing with a microfiber cloth while heating with a hair dryer.  Results depend on the scuff and material, but many have disappeared completely.


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Also, I know there isn't a way to physically reduce the size of the boot, but would a thicker foot bed and sock combo reduce the interior volume of the boot?

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