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Handlebar BMW logo badge


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On my 2009 RT directly below the ignition key there is a black disk. It is probably over some bolt. I want to replace this with the BMW logo badge but was told there wasn't one for the 2009 bike. My question is whether the logo badge from another year, 2010 for example, would fit? I can't determine if there is a difference in size. Seems to be about 45 or 49 mm.

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If that is the correct thing, you should be able to order if from any dealer in Canada, or anywhere else that will ship to you. 


Looking at the "what does this fit" tab on this page




shows that it fits 2010 and up RTs, but also R and GS bikes from '07 and '08 and up. 


Looking at the fiche at Max's, I see for the up to '09 bikes there is a black cap, and for the '10 and up bikes the cap is not listed and the roundel (and o-ring, which should be included per the part number from the ebay link above) adorned plug is listed instead. The actual parts diagram shows both parts - presumably as an either/or, but trying to look it up by year in the computer you can only see one or the other - depending on which model year you look up. 


So...my totally based on the internet and not any first hand knowledge is that you can order bmw part # 31427704591 , pop your black plastic plug off and pop that badge and o-ring plug in there instead. 



edit to add:


here's the pic - 8 (or 9 and 10 as separate pieces) come up as available for/fitting the later bikes, where 7 shows up at fitting the earlier bikes. 




this is 8:



and this is 7:



They both list as 45mm, and they sure look interchangeable to me. Oh, and there is also, though I didn't see a pic, a 90th anniversary badge if you want to spend three times the money. 

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My 07 came with a small bag of assorted stuff including a domed BMW roundel 50 mm in diameter. It fit perfectly on top of the round flat disk between the handlebars.


I just Googled "stick on 50 mm BMW badge" and got lots of choices from about $5 to $45.


50 mm roundels apparently fit various BMW car road wheels and steering wheels as well as the top bridge between the bars.


Take your pick: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=stick+on+50+mm+BMW+badge

RT 50mm Roundel.jpg

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Nothing wrong with the stick-ons. My wife’s e36 runs a cheap set for center caps. I think they were about $20 for the stick on emblems and cheap center caps x4. They’ve held up fine seeing way more abuse than on the top of the handlebars will see. 


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16 hours ago, TEWKS said:

Thanks, I can’t always be right. :rofl:

An admission of me being wrong in a joking way.  

Suppose the price alone should of clued me in that it was BMW stock. :classic_biggrin:

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I ordered mine from Motoworks out of the UK. for my ‘08 Rt. They ship to Canada, there costs are reasonable compared to BMW Canada and shipping is quicker than from the USA.



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On 10/11/2021 at 9:14 AM, Rougarou said:

Do we not know it's a BMW and have to be reminded when we look down that it is?:dontknow::19:



It's totally an emotional thing. I just like seeing that logo there. I know it's not logical, but it bugged me to see an ugly black plug all the time.

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1 minute ago, eisenwal said:

It's totally an emotional thing. I just like seeing that logo there. I know it's not logical, but it bugged me to see an ugly black plug all the time.

Well, considering what you paid for that ride, and are STILL paying for it (i.e. maintenance), I'd say that it's an entirely LOGICAL thing to wanna see that BMW Badge every time you look down on it.  In fact, some BMW riders have been known to buy BMW printed underwear, since they ...ah... kinda look down there a few times a day, too.    🙃😁

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Ive just bought a 45mm emblem from UK ebay The UKnumber is below. Cost including delivery was £5.99 GBP. It's a steering wheel cap. It leaves a small edge of the old plastic cap which is good as items like keys cant catch underneath it.


eBay item number:


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