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Final drive oil change


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I just thought I would pass along an observation regarding final drive oil change. I had done a 12K service on my ‘14 RTW (only 33K total miles,  service came up due to 1 year having passed vs 6K miles). BUT I initially chickened out on dropping the final drive and greasing the spline and cover boot. I still hadn’t ridden the bike since the service when a combination of guilt and courage overcame my hesitation.  Boxflyer’s video was also a confidence booster!  (Thank you, Boxflyer!!)


Since I had already refilled/replaced the FD oil, I started the procedure with out draining the oil. As the unit was hanging down, I noticed oil leaking from the fill bolt area.  I had to prop the unit up so it wouldn’t leak, then finish the job. Initially I thought I would just guessimate how much leaked out, but then decided to drain it out, measure what came out then add the appropriate amount to total 180 ml. 

Whwn I drained it out, I was shocked at how dark/black it was!  I’m sure it was the fine wear particles as I could see the fluid separate even as it came out.  See 1st image. That oil has zero miles on it. 

The next time I have the 12K service come up, I plan to take some cheap motor oil, and flush the FD unit with it before replacing the 75W-90 Liqui-Moly. 

BTW, I had a problem with the driveshaft pulling out of the front versus separating at the FD. I used  a solid core copper wire wrapped around the. vertical frame and the engine side yoke then it separated easily at the FD.  2nd and 3rd images shoe anchor points.  Also there was zero grease on the splines and no sealing grease around the boot seal edges. There was no rust present on the splines. 

I would appreciate any feedback regarding my plan to flush the FD before refilling. 




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Good job Paul

I still have to do mine as well. If it was me, I wouldn't be too concerned about the final drive oil colour. So far I have not heard of any failure..if they exist, then they must be rare as hens teeth.

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