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This may be a dumb question , but here goes anyway. I am thinking about dropping my cable tv as I stream a lot . Prime , Kodi , ect. I am looking for a decent attic antenna and am wondering if I can tie it into  my cable lines . I will still have internet running through them . Or do I need to run a dedicated line from the antenna to the tv ?

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Soooo,.....you can split your cable.


What I did, was find where my primary cable entered the house.  Then found where it split to go to the modem and all the TVs.  That's where I split everything off.  The primary cable now goes directly to the modem.  From the original splitter, I ran a line to the antenna.  This line now feeds the original splitter that split off the modem line and TV line.  I did have to get a signal booster to push the strength to one of the bedrooms.


Nothing difficult, you just need to know where everything splits off from your original line.  All my TVs are still on the originally installed cable in the house.

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