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Google Maps/Earth Crashes

John Ranalletta

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John Ranalletta

Seems every time I try to do a search and zoom in whether in maps or satellite, this happens.  In G/Maps, the screen will refresh, but not in G/Earth.




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Just checked Google Earth, worked fine for me.  I did get a message that they are updating layers and performance might be effected.  



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John Ranalletta
27 minutes ago, roadscholar said:

Same was happening to me the past few weeks but tried just now and it's back to normal. Mike's answer make sense.


Thanks.  Mine failed 3x within the last hour.  Dunno.


Using DuckDuckGo browser.  Will try Chrome next time to see if there's a different result.

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I use DDG too, just tried again, working ok. Pretty sure I was on satellite each time it froze then took a minute to reboot but again seems to be fine now.

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