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R1200 ST shocks


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Recently purchased an 05 ST, needed some cleaning up, and small detailing, but the shocks are questionable!

they were set to full soft, so I adjusted to manual stock specs. The bike rides fine, until you begin to push the corner speed on rough roads.  Then It starts to Waller, and pogo, what is the best option on shocks. The bike has 55 K, and I am 200 lbs, and most of my riding is solo.

Anyone have a suggestion. 

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I had not realized just how worn my original shocks were 45K miles until I replaced them.  I'm very happy with Ted Porter's recommendations. I also appreciated that when I emailed a question during installation, Ted called me back within a few minutes, so I did not have wait to complete the job.


Beemershop's offerings for your ST: https://www.beemershop.com/category/suspension-products-187.html

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I second the recommendation to contact Ted Porter's shop. I'm on a pair of YSS shocks set up for me and purchased through the Beemer Shop. I couldn't be more satisfied.

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A set of Wilbers from Ted completely transformed the ride on my R1100S (also my now gone ST) from buckboard to plush/controlled.  Absolutely recommend Ted Porter.



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