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I have a cardo SRC comms system in my Schuberth helmet that I want to pair with a friends new Sena SC1. Are these comms systems compatible?

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10 minutes ago, Bernie said:

No. Good luck.

I’ve been reading that the SC1 universal pairing mode might work.

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The Sena manual (page 23) provides information about a connection method that they call UNIVERSAL INTERCOM. It might have a reduced range, or affect how other devices connect, but might be adequate for you and your friend.  I've not tried it, but it's at least worth a try before either of you start shopping for a different system.

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I know of 2 separate attempts by friends to connect Sean and Cardo intercoms with each other and it wasn’t a success. One attempt work for a short time, but they never could maintain a connection.

But you and your friend should give it a honest try. Maybe if you are only connecting with each other, and not connecting to any other systems, like music, phone, GPS or other source of Bluetooth noise it may very well work.

At least that is what both manufacturers will want you to believe.

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I haved tried several times to pair my SC1 with other Sena users with no luck.  Even Universal Pairing mode did not work.   I have Laura's Sena 20S Evo paired with it, which is good enough.   I use Cardo Black for others.  


Your kilometers may vary...

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