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Ztechnik Proctection Bars, good idea?


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After I dropped my bike I installed the BMW Engine Guards which covers the damaged Valve cover. Now I am also considering extra protection and find that Ztechnik bars (400 Euro from Honing Germany) look great on the bike. Anyone experience with them? Pics? 




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I found a used set in the classified section here and put them on my 2016 RT.  I like the look, they went on very easily, and they don't interfere with service work.  I haven't dropped this bike (yet) to know how well they work


I'm considering adding a set of foot pegs to them but haven't gotten around to it.


I looked at the Ilium works bars as well.  The owner of the company has a video where he purposely drops his RT to show how well the bars work.

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I have the BMW bars on my GS.


If I had a do over I would have the Z's as you dont have to remove them for service.  I wont re-spend the money to save me the work.  When in a good riding season I need to do the 6K maintenance pretty quickly so removing them and cleaning all the bolts and then chasing the bolt holes and blowing them out with air, and then new locktite it gets old.  Since the bolts you remove on the BMW bars are into the engine through the frame to support it,  it is important to make sure they are clean, and torqued to the proper setting.  When you are messing with motors being attached as supporting members of the frame torque settings are very critical IMHO.  just as I do side to side to bring those rear bolts to spec rather then set one side and go to the other.  Yes I am pretty crazy to say the least but it all makes sense to me:classic_biggrin:

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