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Kisan's Brake Light Modulator


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Well....that depends on who you ask. Do a search and you'll find lots of observations and opinions, pro and con.


That said, I have one on my RT and I really appreciate it. I can't prove that it has definately prevented an accident, but it is hard to prove a negitive. People I've ridden with claim that it greatly increases my conspicuity. I recommend it strongly, however others here feel very much to the contrary.

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I have the Hyper-lites add-on LED brake lights that also serve as extra running lights. They are very effective. I have also considered adding the Kisan modulator as well. Is two pulsing systems better than one, or is this overkill?

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I have several additions to rearfacing lighting on my bike.


I've been using a Kisan Pathfinder taillight modulator for several years.


I also recently added a Kisan VectraLight license plate brake modulator with sequential turn signal LEDs. In this case I'm not using the frame, but instead have mounted the VectraLight below my topcase mount.


My Givi v46 topcase also has a row of stoplights (but not running lights.)


I have Run-n-lites light buddies in my turn signal housings, and a Backoff license plate frame with two rows of LEDs.


Considering that I'm always concerned about vehicles hitting me from behind, the more visible conspicuity the better.

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This is what I am debating as I also have hyperlites in the rear.


More is better.


I've never had anyone tell me "Those lights made it too appearent where you were, and that you were stopped"


I have the Kisan headlight modulator, 'Runnin' lites', 'Hyper lites', Kisan 'Trail Blazer', and reflective tape on the back and sides of my system bags, and PIAA aux light 'knockoffs' mounted under the jugs on the plastic head protectors.


It sounds like a lot, but it isn't. The key is not to rely on these enhancements; put on all the extra stuff you want, but ride like you are in stealth mode.


Before I add these goodies, people occaisonally complemented me on the bike, but afterward quite a few more commented upon how 'visable' the bike was, even folks next to me at stoplights. No one's complained yet that any of it bothered them, but who knows...

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My take - overkill prevents me from becoming roadkill. I'm using the Gizmomill LED brake lights in combo with the Kisan headlight modulator. Irritates the hell out of drivers, but at the same time the incidences of cutting in front of me (decent following distance...), of travelling at 50 in the "fast" 80 lane, etc dropped to almost zero.

I'll take every advantage I can get!

To each his own.

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Wouldn't have a bike without it.

What he said. Got one, love it, I would say one of the more important farkles on the bike




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I agree that more is better. In addition to the hyperlites, I have a Kisan signal minder; so I'm using the running light option. And I recently installed an R-tail that converts the brake light into a tail light. I also am using red bulbs in the turn signals, so it's all red in the rear.


Since the R-tail uses an 1157 bulb, I'm thinking all I need to do is swap that bulb with the Kisan 10W-D halogen instead of getting the 100HD-M.

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