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2021 Un Check-In


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Many Riders heading home today. Hopefully they will check-in to this post and give a safe arrival report.


Dennis and Carla made it home safe on Wednesday evening. Great ride south on the 58 and 33. Hot (110 degrees in Ventura) but after that section cooler weather returned.


Great time and was fun meeting new peeps and seeing the usuals. Big thanks to Todd and Susan for putting this event together. Susan's wine tasting adventure to Paso Robles seemed like a popular excursion and people were excited... hope it all went well.

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Thanks again Todd and Susan for sticking with the plan - moved up one year.  Great to see many usual faces and a few new ones.  Weather was a nice cool change for me.  I made it home before noon and wondered if it was a mistake to leave.  Maybe I should have stayed on the coast.

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In about 2….Some truly excellent riding in the area with great company to be around!


Led a back road ride south to Avila beach, and just had to include a bit of dirt road , but the ice cream was worth the trip!


Big thanks to Todd for sticking with this and making it happen!


See ya in Torrey




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Home safe - great ride up the coast on Hwy 1 until I got to Carmel where the traffic started.   Lane splitting (where I could) all the way home from there on.   Great UN.  Thanks Todd and Susan.   Here's a shot from high up on Santa Rosa Creek road after Long John convinced me it was worth the ride just to get a good view.   He was right.

DSC03242 copy 2.jpg

DSC03241 copy 2.jpg

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Home safe at 2:30. Only heat and lane splitting was on the 405 in WLA. Otherwise beautiful ride home. 

Todd and Susan, thanks for another awesome UN. Great location, great roads, great people. Can’t ask for more!

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In about 3:00 after uneventful ride home. 


I admit I shed a few tears as I drove through Barstow imagining what could have been. :cry:


As always I enjoyed the opportunity to spend quality time with friends.  Susan and Todd did a great job.  Thanks for all the hard work. :wave:

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RT Russ

Home around 3:45. 104 and heavy commute traffic  through Sunol Valley. Split lanes for quite a while. 89 degrees at home 😁


    Had a great time. Thanks Todd and Susan. 




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A big thanks to Todd and Susan for making this a truly memorable Un

I had such a wonderful time

Highest temp on the way home 103

Evan splitting lanes 30 miles from Pasadena  to home could not dampen my spirit

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In. 103°in the SFV, and 75° at home.  Yay. Thanks to Todd and Susan 


more Santa Rosa Creek Road


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Thank you Todd and Susan for a great event.  Love the location.  Cambria Pines Lodge was such a nice venue.  
Made it home about 2:30.  Luckily before it got too hot.  

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In about 5:30.  Absolutely miserable ride.  Had to split lanes from Barstow to past Baker.  Rain, heat, grasshoppers etc...  But nothing could diminish our good time in Cambria.  Weather, riding and most importantly, the company were top notch.  You guys definitely missed out.  The lodge did a great job!  It was said before.  We were a small group but enthusiastic!  I will mail the rally shirts to those who ordered one.



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It ain’t the quantity, it’s the quality. Kudos to you for hanging in there and hosting through what has been absolutely the most challenging time ever for hosting one of these events.  Cambria and the surrounding area are truly special, and I hope to get out there on two wheels sometime soon. 

As an old-timer here at BMWST, I know that these things involve a lot of work, a bit of anxiety, and many rewards. Your support of our unique online community in hosting was a great contribution to our legacy. 

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Home at 3:30 or so yesterday. 

Then I passed out till this morning.

HUGE thanks to Todd and Susan for putting this together and keeping it going through challenging times.

Great venue! Spectacular area for riding! (aside from Santa Rosa Creek road :P)








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Christina and I made it home on Saturday about noon or so.  It was a very hot ride but well worth the trip.  I enjoyed meeting new people and remeeting some of those that were at Weaverville in 2019.  Thank you Todd an Susan for putting on such a wonderful event.

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Dennis Andress

Home. Good ride up the coast, most of which I want to do again. 


@RT Russ is the new Energizer Bunny, the dude never stops! After three hours of following him I gave up on finding a gas station - my bike said it had four miles of gas left - and did a quick u-turn into a Cal Fire station. 




They gave me a gallon of gas!



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1 hour ago, graydude said:

We can get free gas?  Sweet!

Only free to non CA residents.  Rest of us paid for the gas.  :4323:

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Dennis Andress
1 hour ago, BrianT said:

Only free to non CA residents.  Rest of us paid for the gas.  :4323:


The guy who handed me the nozzle said he'd rather give me some gas then have to find me dehydrated on the side of the road.

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5 hours ago, Dennis Andress said:

did a quick u-turn into a Cal Fire station. 




Looks like SR25 just South of town (Hollister). 

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Dennis Andress
24 minutes ago, ESokoloff said:

Looks like SR25 just South of town (Hollister). 

 You're right, though Hollister was more than 10 miles away.

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It was great to see old riding buddies and meet new ones. Had a great time!


Sorry I had to leave early on Thursday to attend my wife's sisters funeral Friday morning.



Stay safe


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Red Racer

Amy and I got home yesterday about 5:00. We ended up at 5500 miles for this trip. Not ready to get back on the bikes anytime soon. We enjoyed seeing people we knew and getting introduced to a few new ones. Glad everyone made it home in good shape! Hope to see you in the future!


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5 hours ago, Red Racer said:

Amy and I got home yesterday about 5:00. We ended up at 5500 miles for this trip.

Jealous! Good to see you two again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I finally got some time to work on videos from the UNRally. I posted 3 of them to YouTube........


1st group ride

Part 1, the inland portion of the days ride

1st Group Ride Part II

Part II, the Coastal portion

2nd Group Ride

Avila Beach and Taco Temple, good times.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.......some clips in the videos may be out of order. I'm old and forgetful :4323:   That and I did some of the cuts on my iPad and some on the laptop so things got a bit confusing at times. Next project on my to do list is the Energizer Bunny portion where I tried to strand Dennis in the Boonies after Parkfield.



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As promised......or warned, here is the video of the ride to Parkfield and then on toward Hollister. Dennis and I split in Fremont as he was headed to Thor's in Marin while I headed up I-680 toward home. I like that Parkfield ride  :bike:    Dennis......not so much   :dontknow:


Linky   YouTube video

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