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1250 GS springs for bgger rider


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I am 280 in street clothes. Can any big riders comment on the ESA suspension on the 1250? Does it need springs, and does it play well with stiffer springs? On my S1000, the ESA doesn’t really like stiffer Springs. So I’m making do. 

For what it’s worth I am a pretty aggressive rider  who is hard on suspension.


also, a related question, how do the spoked wheels hold up for bigger riders/harder riding? I have had a lot of spoke  issues on my super tenere. 

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Chris K

My advice would be to talk to Ted @BeemerShop. I don't think any BMW is set up for a 280# rider and he carries the Tractive suspension line that works with the dynamic ESA.

I replaced mine on my 1200GSW with the Tractive shocks. 

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