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My buddy and I took last Friday off to ride to the Southeast Michigan BMW Demo Ride, where we both rode the new R18. Very fun, and impressive bike, even though it was pouring rain the whole time.


Afterwards, we rode over to a new Cycle Gear store. I think it's been thirty years since I walked into an actual Motorcycle Retail store.








Very good to see that again in the age of online ordering.


Check them out. https://www.cyclegear.com/stores/cycle-gear-novi-mi-store-176


I got a nice discount on a new pair of riding pants too.



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I like my local Cycle Gear store (if you can call 50 miles away "local"). Good people there. I've bought tires from them, and they do a good job with mounting and balancing them. I've bought helmets, boots, and gloves there, too. I don't want to see stores like this disappear.


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7 minutes ago, RogerC60 said:

 I don't want to see stores like this disappear.


The reason I buy local whenever possible, even if a bit more expensive. If it must be ordered, I often do it thru my local shop so they can get a piece of the sale, and I don't pay shipping.

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There is a Cycle Gear shop around the corner (0.4 mi) from me and these guys (and girls) are really good.  It's a blessing and a curse, they will do anything (within reason) to help, are experts with Sena and Cardo systems, have excellent inventory from tires to helmets at the same prices you normally see online, and I've spent too much money there.  


The founders of Revzilla and CW Childs formed a holding company, COMOTO, and bought Cycle Gear in  2016.  They are "sister companies" operated independently.  COMOTO acquired J&P Cycles in 2020.



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