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Places you’d love to visit!

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I’ve been pretty fortunate to have visited some amazing places. Truthfully, my wish list generally revolves around the desire to see some of those places by motorcycle. Next spring (actually fall in the Southern Hemisphere), we’re going to do a trip in Southern Africa on two wheels, including a trip to Kruger National Park and some other pretty amazing places. I’ve only been to Africa once, and it just blew me away. 



We’re also slated to go visit Antarctica next January, which is high on my bucket list. This canceled for January of ‘21 (of course), so my level of anticipation is pretty high. No motorcycles on this trip, AFAIK.


So, I’m pretty fortunate…two of the places high on my wish list look as though they will happen. As I’ve passed the midpoint of my 60s, I’m keenly aware of the fact that my time to do this is finite. If I could offer anyone younger some advice, it would be to make these things happen as soon and as often as you can. I hope that the Almighty will grant me a few more years to chase these dreams.

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I've got to get my old butt to the Isle of Man. It seems complicated but most good things are? 



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