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Finally pulled the trigger "Roadcrafter"


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I finally ordered a roadcrafter.

Now I only have to wait for 8 weeks, and I know I will be sending it back for leg length alterations frown.gif

I wonder how long after that?

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You are going to love that suit!!!!!!!!


One-piece or two-piece? Color? Options?


And, of course, pics upon arrival!

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One piece

grey with Hi-Vis ballistics


Hey, that's my suit! WTF?????


I just walked a friend through this. If you've heard it before then stop me: If you want to LOVE your Stich from the get-go, here is some advice; Try it on, make sure the measurements are right, take it off, remove the pads and head to the laundry mat. On the way to the 'mat, stop by REI/Camping World or Post Office Box and pick up your wash-in Nix Wax AND small bottle of Nix Wax spray. Wash it in a front loading industrial washer with a little Tide POWDER detergent (one of those pre-measured boxes is about right) and run through two rinse cycles. Add Nix Wax wash in on second rinse cycle. Pop it in a big drying for no more than 5-6 minutes and pull it out while it's still damp. Squirt on the spray stuff while its wet and hang to dry (it drys pretty quick).


You'll then have a stich that looks good, feels good, and performs better than new when it rains. It's about $20 and hour long investment. Otherwise you'll take a good year of heavy duty riding to break that puppy in.

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