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Final countdown! Last update


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I can't believe this event is finally coming to begin!  Mrs. Graydude and I started working on this in June of 2019.  I really had gray hair back then and not white like today.  Sooo much has happened in between.  Hopefully we can put all of the negatives behind us for four days and just ride and visit!  This will be the last update so here is what I know today.


  • 51 folks have registered.  Unfortunately not all will be able to make it now but we will still have a great group!
  • The Pizza Grotto dinner will be ready for us at 6:00 on Thursday.  It will offer a cash bar so you can show up earlier if you like.  I have worked it out with the lodge that I will settle up with them on the night of the Pizza.  Meaning you can still come you just have to pay me the $27.00 first.  I will be able now to refund those that paid to come but can't make it.  Send me a PM.  The pizza choices include:
    • Cheese
    • Margherita
    • Pepperoni
    • Meat lovers
    • and of course all you can eat garden salad
  • My wife, Susan does not ride but does like to wine taste.  Susan will be going into Paso Robles on Wednesday to do some tasting.  If you would like to join her, let us know.  Room for four or five if someone is tiny.
  • The awesome tee shirts have been competed and they look great!  I realize some have ordered but can't make it now.  I will mail your shirts back to you when we get back from the un.
  • Here is ground zero:fireside-lounge.jpg.e6e113e88b78bf5656352c788a3b0322.jpg
  • or here:bigbarview.jpg.45594d200a43d577ee4572206fef7687.jpg
  • We do not have exclusive use of these facilities but we will no doubt scare them away. I've been told there will be live music every night so stay tuned.   In the morning you will find hot coffee or tea in this room.  You will also find the prepared routes expertly compiled by our own Thor. Please, take a route only if you will use it as the printed routes are limited
  • There is a full buffet breakfast included for those staying at the lodge.  For others you can still get breakfast, lunch or dinner in the lodge restaurant anytime.  Alternative Cambria dining options are walking distance (and a serious flight of stairs) from the lodge.  No need to saddle up to eat out.
  • We will have a dedicated parking area right off the registration lobby.  Look for the caution tape.  This will be a great tire kicking area and I would not be surprised to find beverages in the vicinity. We will bring an ice chest.  However, DO NOT BRING GLASS BOTTLES TO THIS AREA.  The lodge was very firm about that.  Bring plastic cups if needed or buy your beverage from the bar and they will put it in a plastic cup.
  • My wife and I will be at the lodge by mid Monday.  I will try to have a table set up where you can grab your tee shirts and name tags.  Otherwise, see me.
  • Lastly, we will be conducting a raffle for some sweet prizes at the Pizza dinner.  Everyone who registered is automatically in and you do not have to be present to win.

I think that's about it.  Ride safe and looking forward to seeing everyone!


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