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I am planning on buying a new full face helmet soon. I have been doing a lot of research. There are so many choices I thought I would ask 1. who rides with a full face helmet, 2. what make and model is it and 3. would you recommend it.

I would like a lower profile full face without compromising on safety. My head shape is pretty typical long oval. 


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A lot of guys wear a modular, and there are lots of high quality choices out there now.  I'd say about a third of the guys I ride with wear a full non-flip up helmet.  They like the lightness and quietness. Get what fits best and is comfortable.

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I wear a Shoei RF1200. My previous helmet was also an RF1200 that was replaced after several years and many miles of use.

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I also have a long oval shaped head. Arai Signet or Shoei GT-Air are the most comfortable for me..... in that order.

The modulars are too heavy for my taste.

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I wrote to Shoei a while back and asked them what their quietest helmet is and they said the RF 1200

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15 hours ago, PastorJay said:

1. who rides with a full face helmet, 2. what make and model is it and 3. would you recommend it.

  1. I do - I have had flip up models but went back to the old standard
  2. Arai (pick a model that fits you)
  3. Absolutely

Its the one quality manufacturer  that has a model that fits my  head better than any of the other major brands I've owned.   Comfort .. what a concept ... I didn't know what I was missing riding for many years with an ill-fitting helmet !!


They are not inexpensive ;) although they can sometimes be found at Revzilla on sale or catch a close out on a style being replaced.


Obviously its best if you actually try on any helmet before purchase.



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Yes Full face always


Definitely recommend.


As mentioned it is the one maker that fits my head shape.  Most others cause pressure points on my temples or they are so loose they spin around.

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Thanks guys. the best thing for me to do then is go to bike shops and try on the different helmets to find the one that is most comfortable for me. Appreciate the input. 


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Wear it in the shop for a good 30 minutes. If after you buy it and you decide it’s too tight, ping me and I’ll tell you a quick way to break it in

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You are right - the best helmet for you is the one that fits you comfortably. The last thing I want to think about while riding is my helmet (or other gear) - you can tell it fits right when you don’t notice it. 

I have had good luck with scorpion modulars - they fit me well and are a good price point. I do love an arai though. You won’t get better fit and finish, and they feel even lighter than they are. I am not a long oval, but they do have models that fit different shapes, so try on a variety of models if you get the chance. I got my current arai for $450 (lists for $8xx and is usually found online for about $650) because they were clearing out the particular graphic design. 

If you’re on a budget, figure out exactly which helmet brand and models work for you and then keep an eye out for sales on those. 


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fit is number 1.  IF you can wear a round helmet, then go modular.  Modern day modular helmets are all round shape (not matter what the manufacture says) and if it works for you, they are the best.  Unfortunately I am LONG oval so only Arai works for me.  I Wish I could wear a modular.

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I find that the Scorpion Exo 920 is more of an oval.  They are getting harder to find in anything but blackish.  They do fit small, so plus up a size or two.  I wear a large in most, but an extra large in this brand.

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Pastor Jay,


Do you wear glasses??  If so, a modular will very much help getting everything on and off.


I'm a long oval, too.  Rode with a full face for a year, then went to an LS2 Strobe modular.  Then upgraded to a Shoei Neotech II.  BOTH fit me very well.  Don't even know what happened to the full face.  I very much like the ratchet chin strap, built-in drop down sunvisor, ventalation, and fit of both these helmets.  The biggest differences I can see between the Shoei and LS2, inside and outside, are 1) the name, and 2) the price.

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Thank you for all the input. I was pretty positive I would go with a Shoei 1400 or the Arai Regent X. After about 40 minutes on the phone with Revzilla reps two different times Discussing my exact head shape and size and what I was looking for they recommend I try the AGV K6. Premium like the 1400 and regent x. just a shade less$$. They are sending me the helmet with a free return tag. 

Thanks again for the recommendations. Any comments on the AGV?

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If you are a long oval then Arai Signet is the only one that is a true long oval.  I tried the Shoei GT Air.  Ruby on the forehead.  


Get the Arai.  And yes they are expensive.  We can't do anything about that.  If you plan on being on your bike for long days and days at a time a good fitting, good venting helmet will be worth what you have to pay.  If you are only  out for short hops almost anything will do.

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I went from a Shoei RF1200 to an Arai Signet X - the Arai is THE most comfortable helmet I've owned.  
Shoei left my forehead feeling numb after several hours and I always needed a helmet break. 

The Arai felt great right out of the box, have spent long days in that helmet with zero pain or discomfort of any kind.  
Also, my bar for safety is SNELL foundation only.  

I did try the AGV K6, it felt great out of the box, but after a 30 minute ride, not so good. 

Good luck - take very accurate measurements of your head, I was on the cusp between XL & 2X, & went with 2X.  Never looking back. Good luck. 


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If I'm riding an RT or 1600 or other sport touring bike or a Gold Wing,   I'm really wanting a flip-up.   When you're touring, it's really good to be able to flip that thing up.  At gas stations you can go in a place flipped up and make a purchase.  Try that with a full-face and they may call the cops.   There are times that staying cool is the best safety tactic.   You can ride with these fronts all the way up.   Not for long and not fast, but you can do it and when it's 100+ outside, that can be a very good thing.   Another good thing is riding with the flip-up as a shade when you're riding into a sunset.    Yes, it's a dirty trick, but it really changes the game at certain times.   "Safety" can mean a lot of things when touring...You get confronted with strange situations and you have to press on.    


Most flip-ups these days have flip-down visors that act like built-in sunglasses.  They're really handy for strong sunlight.   I don't use them exclusively.   They're pretty dark, but in extreme sun, I use them AND my normal Serengeti Drivers (non-polarized...you can still find them used).    They have different colors etc.  I use them for maybe 3% of riding. 


I've got a LOT of Arai helmets in my garage.  All are date-expired and most are barely used.   I was crazy for them but once I tried an HJC modular on a road trip, I never went back.    I am a long oval and I really like Arai.   If Arai came out with a really good long oval modular, they could charge whatever they wanted.   I don't need Snell approval for touring.  


I now have a Schuberth C3.  My HJC had plastic hooks to hold the front hinging part together with the rest of the helmet.   That wore out and I will never get one with plastic catch again.    The newer HJCs I've looked at fit me but they don't have good interiors...I'm spoiled by Arai.    


When the HJC broke, I was at a rally.  I bought the Schuberth.  Hated it on the way home.  It gave me migraines and a tattoo on my forehead.  I used a spoon, a ball-peen hammer and several other instruments on the styro-foam stuff trying to get the pressure off my forehead.   It helped, but I'd still get a headache after an hour or so.   


I can afford a new helmet, but this one has the cityscape pattern on a white helmet.  It's really cool and, I think, somewhat rare, so I really want to keep it.  Also on the plus side, it's really quiet.   So, I have a very cool helmet whose only problem is that it gives me a headache.  What to do?   


I was snooping around Revzilla.com and found that the head-band from the newer C3 Pro could be retro-fitted to the C3.   ~$45.   I gave it a whirl.    


Great result!  For me, the headache problem ended.  My helmet is comfortable and solid.   


I have a 2000 Aprilia Mille R sport bike.  In a weak retail therapy moment, I bought a new AKG carbon-fiber flip-up for riding that bike.   Don't waste your money.  They are LOUD.   Quality just isn't as good as the Schuberth...or Arai...or the better Shoei helmets.  AKG is better than the old days but still not up to with the best in much except style.  


If you can fit in a Shoei flip-up, you won't want anything else ever.  Everyone I know who owns an RF2000 is completely uninterested in any other helmet. 


Schuberth's C3Pro and C4 are a bit lighter and quieter than Shoei and I'm a bit more accustomed to the way they do things. The C4Pro I tried was really, really nice.  I got to try one out at the Great Falls BMW rally recently.   I might have purchased it but they weren't for sale.   Demo only.   


I'm going to try out a Shoei top of the line flip helmet again, maybe next year?  I could not get comfy in one 5 years ago, but they may have changed.   They were too round and the forehead thing was extreme for me before.   


Good luck in your search.  Don't ignore flip-ups!  They've come a long way.   The new ones are quieter than full face.   



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Have tried numerous helmets over the years.  Agree with the comments about the Shoei.  I keep coming back to my Neotec I after trying others that didn't make the cut.


And I also want to give a shout out to the Serengeti Drivers!  I've been a huge fan of this brand for 35+ years ever since I met a product rep who shared a new pair with me back in the mid-80s.  You can actually see more with them when it is cloudy and dusk like because of the way the Corning gradient amber/rose lenses let more light in but still provide enhanced color contrast.  Like helmets, I have tried many other quality brands, but keep coming back to the Serengeti's.  Now onto a prescription pair of progressive lenses as my eyes age and I don't want a laser touching them.

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