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CAIG DeoxIT D5 Contact Cleaner


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Ask me a month ago, and I would have said all electrical contact cleaners are the same.  I had seen people in posts say, “spray it with CAIG DeoxIT”, but I just figured any contact cleaner would do the same.  I can now say that is not true.


I was having a problem with the turn signal switch on my ’84 R100.  It’s a typical, Left-Center/Off-Right type of turn signal switch. The left side wasn’t making contact and the turn signals wouldn’t work on the left.  I sprayed the switch with CRC contact cleaner, and the switch started working. But the next day, the switch was nearly completely bound up and was really difficult to move left or right. So, I sprayed some silicone spray into the switch, and it moved freely again. But, now it stopped working on the left side again. And I went through that cycle at least a couple of times, with the same results.  So, I was now considering disassembling the switch, or finding a replacement.  But, I decided to give DeoxIT a try.  In addition to cleaning the electrical connections, it also claims to lubricate the contacts.  It WORKS!  The contacts cleaned up and the left side of the switch is working, and the switch continues to move smoothly.  It took a couple of extra applications to clear away a little electric buzz that I was getting, but the switch is working, and slides easily.  I applied DeoxIT to most of my other switches on my bikes. The switches on my Oilhead RT were working okay, but a little stiff.  After DeoxIT they definitely move more smoothly. A distinct “notch” that I felt in the turn signal cancel switch is gone.


This is not a cheap product.  A typical can of CRC contact cleaner is about $4 for an 11 ounce can. The 5 ounce can of DeoxIT D5 was about $18 delivered. It is worth it, for electrical switches that have to move.  I’ll probably continue to use CRC elec. contact cleaner for plugs and connection blocks, but will use DeoxIT in moving electrical switches.





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Glad to read that glowing review.   


Did you have to disassemble anything to get at the switch innards or just spray directly into any openings?



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28 minutes ago, wbw6cos said:

you have to disassemble anything to get at the switch innards or just spray directly into any openings?

For the R100, there’s about a one inch slot opening that allows the lever to move from left to right. So, spraying into there gives direct access to all of the switch contacts and physical connections.


My other switches weren’t having any electrical issues, they had just become stiff from age and exposure. But I was a lot more confident spraying DeOxIT around the switch openings than using silicone or WD-40. If I was dealing with a flakey electrical contact, I would probably try to spray into all the surrounding edges first, but be prepared to at least open the switch enough to expose the contacts without any disassembly.

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