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A question for AF-XiED users


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For those who have installed a AD-xiED on a Wethead, what are your thoughts?  I have been reading the claims and would like to get a bit of feedback from actual users before spending the money.

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I was a fairly early adopter on my 2016 and can confirm that it works as advertised and makes a very big difference, especially on low end performance.  There were issues with O2 sensor codes being thrown fairly regularly when it was first released for our bikes but the company worked diligently with customers to resolve the issues and supplied a remedy free of charge.  I can honestly say that I haven't seen a similar code thrown since installing the fix several years ago. 

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I had a AF-XiED installed on my 2004 R1150RT... and it worked well.  The engine ran more smoothly.  But that 1150 engine was prone to surging, and was set up to run lean which caused it to exhibit an edgy throttle-off performance that would upset the weight balance when setting up for a corner.  The AF-XiED cured the problems with the factory fuel injection on the 1150 engine.


On my 2017 R1200RT, I have none of those problems with the factory fuel injection.  So, I want to ask, why do you think you need to alter the fuel injection parameters for your wethead?  


A quick look at Nightrider's website reveals that the wethead product requires two controllers, one for each cylinder.  The A/F correction is set separately on each device with a 3/4-turn potentiometer.  How can you be sure that you are making the same correction in each cylinder?  I don't imagine that you can hurt anything -- but I also wouldn't expect much of a benefit either, and there might be some downside to having the A/F ratio altered to be slightly different between cylinders.





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I had one on my 2016 GS that I switched over from my Camhead. Made a significant difference on the Camhead, not so much on the GS. I have the mod for the wetheads but was still getting random o2 codes.  Yanked it off last year and haven't really noticed a difference. I think the GS may have been a touch smoother at low rpms with the AF XiED but not enough difference to really justify the cost. 


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Mine were not able to keep out the rain while driving even though the controllers were up under the front seat.


They caused the bike to go into "limp home" mode...luckily I was only about 25 miles from home after being almost to the Rockies from the East Coast...


They didn't make much difference and I have not missed them at all...just the $$$$ down the drain...I'm past any refund period I'm afraid, but sure wish I had that money back!


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Thanks all for the insight.  Much as I thought…spend that money on tires and enjoy the ride!

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Paul De

IMO premium suspension gets you more performance than fiddling with fuel mapping, but do get the need for altering fuel mapping on earlier models if your unit was a bad surging one. Now that the Wethead from the factory has well sorted fuel mapping and comes with higher quality suspension (at least the ESA equipped bikes), seems like those dollars are best spent on improving comfort on saddles, windscreens and improved visibility with driving lights and horns.  YRMV.

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