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Moving on from my RT


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Bought new in April of '02 and many experiences - and countless rallies and Torrey's - it was time to move on. My RT served as my reentry bike after a 17 year absence from riding and never failed to impress me and at times, piss me off. Never, ever be a BMW  beta buyer/tester! At some point in the next year she'll be replaced with a GSA of unknown vintage other than to say it'll be new or very new. My eye is on the 1300 but heading my own admonishment about being a beta buyer I may stay on the sidelines and watch others deal with the proclivities of a new bike.


Hijacking my own thread, I'm now wonder what that value of a sun-faded Big Mak tank bag with an enhanced (thanks, Fernando) metal base plate and all hardware might be.....


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Well, as they say... things come and things go... so, welcome to the parade. I did those bike changing things, and I guess I was a few years ahead of you- based on my age. I was ready to make a change two years ago when I up and decided to make it a larger change. Put the last bike on a trailer and took her to the dealership in Denver and put it on sale. Two weeks later I had the check in-hand. Never looked back... but I kinda, sorta, wish I could ride...on those perfect days....

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I felt I got a Big Mak deal a couple years ago.  One mount, large and small bags, both with SAE power ports, one rain cover. Both slightly faded, The elastic band covering  the zippers is inelastic/over-stretched, won't lie flat, but not a problem.

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