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Vermont’s Puppy Dog Route


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Persistence pays off I guess, Elsa’s leftover baggage had us changing dates but, we got ‘er done! :classic_biggrin:

Beautiful state that I’m sure, only a few have seen in this way. Lucky us! :thumbsup:


About 10 minutes if you’re interested.


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5 hours ago, taylor1 said:

Very cool !        Eggs Benedict        Great way to start it all off

Had sausage patties instead of Canadian bacon! :thumbsup: Brad’s place was a good start for sure. Mitch said there’s a little surprise when you use the restroom. :dontknow: You open the door and the dish-wash kid is there to greet ya! :14: Actually you pass through the corner of the kitchen to get to the bathroom. Funny and weird all at the same time.  :classic_biggrin:

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Thoughts keep coming to mind so I’ll just ramble from time to time. :classic_biggrin:

 I’m aways thinking about that next great bike and my thoughts this week was leaning towards a smaller displacement machine. A Tiger 900 or an 850 GSA maybe. :dontknow: Anyway, here’s what may have changed my mind. In the video (if you powered through it :classic_biggrin:) you saw the aftermath of the Triumph falling over while trying to climb a rocky hill and then get stuck in some mud. Guess what, the Tractor Like GS torqued (not twerked :D) its way through all of it with relative ease. :clap:


In helping to get the Tiger unstuck, I saw how a low torque revvy engine is not the best setup when the nasty stuff appears. :revit:

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Keep in mind when any big GS falls over it's still almost 45 degrees upright and liftable by one person even on soft or slippery ground. The one time I dropped my 800GS alone in the boonies I was lucky there was a guy within earshot because I couldn't have lifted it myself. An 800GS is pretty good offroad, but it's more like a big dirtbike and can be ridden faster in the same conditions than a 1200 although a 1200 is pretty capable, just have to slow down and use the balance, low end torque, and clutch. I've always thought the Triumphs were pretenders and excelled at onroad but admittedly got that from the magazines.  


It looked like a great trip, waiting the extra day seemed like the ticket. And still a little adventurous which was nice, it's why we do/did it, if it was all scripted it wouldn't be very exciting. So even the PDR had a little big dog action to keep it interesting : ) tho off the grid just enough and thru some scenic territory, a win-win.  :thumbsup:       

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Thanks for the ride along Pat! :thumbsup: Looks like ya both had a pretty good time.

Hope to do that rout in the future along with the NEBDR.  Would you know if the PDR is part of the NEBDR?

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Thanks Larry, glad you liked it!  :thumbsup: 

Checking out the NEBDR briefly shows it running through Putney VT. Now Putney mountain rd was on our route and was a pretty spectacular ride so, I’d imagine they’d run together in a few different areas. :dontknow:

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That question actually came up. Do we need them? :dontknow: I guess we used them just because we had them. 

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On 7/13/2021 at 3:13 PM, Rougarou said:

just curious, why put the rain fly on the tents if you're under cover?:dontknow:

Now, I thought I might get the question of why my newly named movie company ;) is called “Blood Films”. Ok, I’ll tell ya!!! :grin: I snapped a picture with my finger blocking the lens for the opening credits and ending frames. :5147:

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