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Scratching noise in motor 02RT


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Just completed a valve adjust, tbs, added Techlusion and tuned. The bike is running better then it ever has but I am hearing a scratching/light scraping noise in the engine. Primarily left side front of the engine.


I have confirmed there no unusual valve trane ticks or clicks. I suspect it is timing chain noise.


Has anyone else experienced a similar noise? If it is timing chain noise should I be alarmed? Is it difficult to change the tensioner? Do you think this would cure the problem?


Appreciate any words of wisdom.

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Since we are speculating:

1. Something is in under the valve cover; feeler guage? Oak leaf?

2. Cam chain is dragging on something?

3. Oil flow is sonic due to a restriction; how? why?

4. You have a bug in your left ear.

5. The throttle body is loose; air leak.

6. There is a leaf in the air intake.

7. Sticky front caliper.

8. Bad speaker, left side.

9. Cylinder is chewing itself into a million pieces.

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