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Dunlop IV v PR5GT


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Anyone test out the new RS IV on  wethead yet?  Mostly interested in handling and any wet handling as well.



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Wayne Johnson

Just did the rally from the east coast on a new set. The front is noticeably more unstable even in a straight line over the road snakes than the 3's. It has some extra patterns for what i assume is for wet weather that could be the cause. Performance is good and other than a pretty good flat spot on the rear from all the highway cruising they look good after the 6500 mile round trip front wearing like iron! You will never get to the edge of the front with the new profile without crashing!

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I've been through one set of RS4s on my '18 RT. Turn-in may be marginally better, likely due to the new profile on the front. Not a game-changer though. Rear tire wear was not impressively better either. The deepest layer of rubber just above the cords was exposed at 6000 miles. The front appears to wear a bit better, but of less significance to me, as I prefer to replace both tires at once, and give away some miles on the front. The price differential is about 100.00 compared to the RS3s, an excellent tire which has served me well over the span of 6 or 8 sets. I plan to stick with the RS3.

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I spoke to someone at the Dunlop tent at BMW MOA Rally a couple of weeks ago in Great Falls.


I couldn't even spit out the question "How do these compare to the Continental Road Attack 3?" before he blurted out "Oh, they're *much* better!"  When I asked in what ways, I was just given claims of extremely high mileage before having to be replaced.  Since a comparison of how many miles you can get out of a set of tires is useless unless it is the same rider on the same bike with the same riding style, I discounted this a pure B.S. 


I was hoping to have a conversation about differences in handling wet and dry, etc... but got nothing more than the obvious "this tire is better than all others".  Disappointing.


Glad to hear some real world accounts of how they ride, because I've been considering trying something other than the Continental RA3 I've been using lately, far just to see what's out there (e.g. Dunlop RS4, Pirelli Angel GT II, etc...)

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