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World SBK - Doesn't anyone follow this series?


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Good weekend for the American in WSBK. Might want to look this up as I was chastised for giving MotoGP results once. Have an American doing a really great job. No American in the MotoGP lineup only Moto2.

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I've started watching this this summer.


I find it orders of magnitude less interesting than MotoGP.


Basically for every race there are only three possible winners and for the most part the rest aren't even close.  I guess Rinaldi has somehow won once.


The American--Gerloff--doesn't have a particularly good reputation and has done some foolish things.  He could improve and become a force ... maybe.


Honda safety cars aren't as cool as BMW safety cars, are they?


The IOS App is useless too.  Have to go to web page to access the races.


The possibility of 3 winners does make it three times more interesting than MotoAmerica, of course.



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