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K1200RS 2006 (2005 model)

John BB

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John BB

My K1200RS, with 40,000 miles on the clock has never let me down before, but now willnot start. 


The bike is used regularly all year round and I had just ridden 24 miles and parked up on the drive at home.  3 days later I came to the bike and it would not start.


Good battery and fully charged.

Good spark at all four new plugs.  

Petrol tank 1/3rd full (having filled the tank a week or so prior to this so not just filled up).

I can hear the fuel pump when the ignition is turned on.

I can hear the engine attempting to start, in fact if I twist the throttle a couple of times prior to engaging the starter motor the engine tries harder and eventually will start by opening the throttle almost fully on high revs, but it always stalls.  


I would appreciate your input please on what to try next.  Many thanks in anticipation (2.7.2021)


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