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Hey Casticus / Ofccat.................


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We just looked at those last night. I noticed when we went through the Killboy cars were out but he had some technical problems and didn't get photos up until a couple of days ago I guess. Trina (Ofccat) thinks it is pretty cool, she didn't notice the guys shooting the photos and didn't even really know about Killboy at all. I have to say my form in that photo was less than stellar ;-) They got photos of us going through both directions.


Thanks for posting this Art. Had a really good time with y'all. We'll have to do it again. I'll be in Vermont at the MOA rally but Trina can't make it (her dad Jerry and Kevin who were at Mayhem will be there to).


See ya,



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If you take a southern NY route, feel free to stop by and say hi. I'll roll out the bar-b-que for ya.


Not sure if I'm going to Vermont or not yet, could have a schedule conflict. That's life. Make sure you ride Vt 17 over the Appalacian Gap while you're over there. Nice little set of twisties.

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Thanks for the info Art. I was too focused on the road since it was my 1st time. It is definitly interesting to see how I ride and it helps me to figure out what I need to work on. Not too bad thouugh.


Thanks for the BBQ offer. Not sure I am going to make it myself to VT now as I have 2 HUGE papers due the following week. I have to see where I am with them before I decide, but I hope to go even if I have to leave late Thurs after class to get there.

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