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Do not mount your iPod like this


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A horrible thing happend this weekend. I bought a RAM mount for my iPod Mini. RAM does not make a specific mount, but this one was recommended to me by a particular online company. So here is what the mount looks like (I also added a mount for my Garmin Nuvi 350) See pics here Click


Here is what the iPod looks like after a get-off at 40mph. Bad iPod


Based on the GPS mount design by Motorad Concepts, I thought this would be a good mounting point for the RAMs. Problem was there is too much bouncing around up there, at least with the 5" RAM arm. Perhaps a shorter arm would be more stable. Needless to say I'm exploring other options before I put the GPS on for a test ride.

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A horrible thing happend this weekend. (...)

...recommended to me by a particular online company. (...)

Here is what the iPod looks like after a get-off at 40mph. (...)


Those things are sold all over as a 'universal solution' to fit everything - iPods, PDAs, GPS, phones, and so on.

The 'one size fits none' mounts are generally pretty bad - not worth the plastic used to make them. I wouldn't use it in the confines of an auto, much less on a bike!?

Sadly, you found out the hard way that they don't work, and I'm really sorry to hear of/see your loss.


If that 'particular online company' suggested that mount for a motorcycle, I'd have a few words with them. It's a wholly inappropriate device for a motorcycle. (You'd fare better with a flat RAM base, with the iPod velcroed directly to the base!)


I'd ESPECIALLY take them to task if THEY are the ones who told you that the RAM mount for iPods didn't exist.


It's called the Aqua Box, and has a touch-through front cover - very cool. Not a good idea to hard mount a hard-drive based iPod, but the flash models will work just fine when subjected to vibration.


Another possible solution - get a hard iPod carrying case, and screw or velcro THAT to the large base, and slip the iPod into (and out of) the case at will.


As far as the actual RAM mounts - most of them ARE designed to hold very specific units. I've had a couple of them, and they hold onto your GPS (or other device) like crazy. I had one for my GPS-V, and I thought I was going to have to break the mount or GPS to get it to let go. There was NO chance of the GPS just falling out - not a chance. (I have one now that fitsthe Garmin 2610, and it's somewhat easier to get in/out, but it's not going to happen by itself.)


I find it, um, interesting that the cheap generic mount has the RAM name printed on it. I don't expect that the company would like their name on that thing. Might be a bargaining point when you call the folks who sold it to you to let them know they owe you an iPod.


Good luck!


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Otter Box makes some pretty indestructible and waterproof boxes for Ipods.


Bummer about the departing passenger at 40 mph! Don't they know that they are supposed to stay in their seats until the plane comes to a full and complete stop!? dopeslap.gif


Sorry you had to experience that. I am sure you will hear a soultion through this fine board!

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Thanks for the replies. The online company who directed me was not the one I purchased from becaue the Garmin mount was not available through them at the time I ordered. RAM itself was the one who said there was no iPod Mini specific mount. I saw the Aquabox, but stayed away because I wasn't sure about how well I could operate the unit through the plastic. I'll check out the Otter box also. I'm now scared to mount the Garmin, I don't want an $800 toy hitting the ground after this. Good news is can replace the Mini with a refurbished moded for $145.

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One solution is to use tethers. At least if the mount fails, the unit just drops a few inches with no substantial damage. I've learned my lesson by having two Garmin mounts fail - presumably from vibration/shock.

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Or you could pick up some Velcro straps at your local hardware store. Just wrap the strap around the device and the mount.

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Is it the RAM mount that failed?


Looks like you used standard velcro, a few 1" dots, to hold the iPod on.


Next time try some 3M dual-loc or other suitable fastener.

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Is it the RAM mount that failed?


Looks like you used standard velcro, a few 1" dots, to hold the iPod on.


It was the RAM mount that failed. The dots you see are foam to soften the ride, they were on the mount when it arrived. The same foam is on the side clamps to squeeze it in place. A pretty weak design overall IMO. I don't know what this mount will hold in place on a motorcycle, it would probably be ok in car.

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No offense Chris, but you need to secure the Ipod with more than that.


Stick some dual-lock on the back of the Ipod, and then on the Ram mount. Then, if you don't feel secure, add a rubber band around the entire assembly, or a strap.


I've had my Ipod riding on the top of my tankbag using dual-lock for about 20,000 miles.........good luck to you thumbsup.gif

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Another option wqould be to leave the ipod at home. You can get a nice 2g flash player these days for $150 (if you eschew Apple), and they're so small that velcro to any flat spot will keep it in place nicely, no elaborate mount needed.

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I use a cell phone case for my MP3 (not an ipod) I found one at a local cell phone store it has a clip for attaching to your belt, I made a simple loop from aluminium and screwed it to the dash of my 1100rt near to the heated grip switch the phone case then stays on the bike and I can still control the MP3 through the plastic front of the cover

I use it every day and have gone on several spirited rides at speeds in excess of our speed limits here in the UK and it does not move


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