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Shad 58x top case


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So I had talked about the Shad top case I ordered for my RT when I was at the Driftin’ ride a couple weeks ago.


I wanted a large enough box to store two helmets and then some, yet not be totally obtrusive and look ridiculous.


I did some research and came across the Shad expanding top case. And it totally made sense and fit what I was looking for.


It was an incredibly easy install with the bike specific master kit adapter for the rack.


master kit adapterF757ECC1-F89C-4B5D-906A-DCE827E3AB28.thumb.jpeg.64a8167f825381f103056984d8cab03d.jpeg131A08CC-4A2F-427D-8A71-8589086BDE9D.thumb.jpeg.0985dc34d48fbfaf3f9de4ab22a71460.jpegtop case base installed56957F19-D33D-431D-8594-03639E4AA56A.thumb.jpeg.6777079d1da67920a1b9b2606f565cef.jpeg46L smallest settingD53517E5-05C3-4874-9075-564EEC9EB0F3.thumb.jpeg.2f28a78be79845b39210c2e475b156fa.jpeg52L middle setting134753F0-F9CF-4BB6-BC25-53B1C8CE0D93.thumb.jpeg.32533e2776a940e86d07c1d1b149ef59.jpeg58L fully expanded.


It’s literally two tabs to expand and contract. Takes seconds to do.


I also love that I can remove it from the base and leave it off when I don’t need the room.

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Nice! I had a similarly good experience with installing a Shad top case on my ‘14 RT. The BMW option is nice and, of course, integrates perfectly with the stock luggage rack, but the cost is exorbitant. The Shad SH50 I opted for is every bit the equivalent of the BMW-branded top case, but it’s a fraction of the cost.

Unlike your experience, for my ‘14 I found that the universal mounting bracket was unsteady. So, I bought the model-specific mount, which works perfectly.  For those unfamiliar with their products, Shad actually makes some of the OEM cases for BMW. You give up the BMW logo and the convenience of one key for everything, but don’t really lose anything in terms of quality. Their products are certainly worth considering. 

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@Mike I did buy the model specific Mount for my rack. I don’t know if it was missing but I didn’t get the universal with my case. I opted for ease of mounting and security with the model specific Mount for the rack

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