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Quest MC Mount & Water


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A word to the wise. My Quest 2 started intermittently loosing power recently. I though it had to do with bad wiring or something to do with the Quest itself but I tried it in my 3 other vehicle mounts and it worked fine. I took the Quest mount apart and discovered the printed circuit board behind the contacts. I had allowed water to accumulate on the contacts and I have it hardwired to the battery so it's always "hot".


As you can see from the attached photo, the contacts on the circuit board corroded and other damage probably happened from the water. I got a new Quest MC mount, attached it to the existing wiring and it now works fine.


I am now covering the mount with a waterproof ditty bag when it does not have the Quest in it. A hard ($60+) lesson. dopeslap.gif


BTW, I love my Quest 2. Never have to upload maps and I don't mind planning trips on it.


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Garmin has replaced two mounts for me with this problem. A few hours of heavy rain will start the corrosion. Dielectric grease and drain holes help. Garmin says they are working on the problem.

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