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"My brakes I miss, I miss them so, I do I do .. " (minor GS / offroad crash)

Doug 55

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Took off Saturday to ride Forest Service roads around Darrington WA with a couple of buddies.


Perfect weather, great views etc. but I hit a slick spot with moderate (< 20 mph) speed on and down I went for the first time in about 90K miles of beemer riding.


Short skid and stop, RH leg slightly pinned under the bike; got out OK to catch my breath, survey the damage etc.






Turns out my buddies (very reasonably) assumed I was behind due to photo stops ... true but not the kind they were thinking of !


Using the BMWST approved wink.gif "back into bike, lift with legs" technique I was able to right the bike (even remembered to put the side stand down so it wouldn't topple onto the other side !)




No harm to me, various scarfs to bike and helmet on the RH aka conact side. Bike started and ran OK but the rear brake was completely non-functional. No physical damage but a very mushy pedal feel and constant fault indicators, probably just needs a system bleed and 'puter reset ?


It was a nervous thing coming down the mountain dirt roads with only front and compression braking but turned out OK.


One rider (friend from work) had to head home for a family deadline but I felt OK(ish) with just front brake back on pavement so my remaining ride buddy (Steve R.) led on to the Baker Lake area including amazing views of Mt. Baker






Enjoyment of the Mt. Baker scene was enhanced by Steve sharing memories of his mountain climbing days standing on the summit in the RH part of the view !

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Bummer, Doug !!!


Hope you and bike are in not too much pain !!!


Warm regards,


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Sounds like it was a wonderful ride, nonetheless.


Fortunately, pride seems to have been the worst hurt of the bunch. dopeslap.gifWhew!!!


Mt. Baker looks wonderful! grin.gif


Thanks for sharing!

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It's just broke in now Doug! Besides, slide-outs in the dirt are a whole lot different that a street get-off! I'm glad you're okay. smile.gif

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Dang it Doug!!


But at least the camera didn't get hurt! grin.gifthumbsup.gif




Funny you should mention that, after verifying there was nothing too serious wrong the tongue-in-cheek inquiry from Steve was "But how about the camera" grin.gif

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BTDT blush.gif My brakes were mush and brake failure light came on until I noticed that the handguard had rotated and wouldn't allow the front brake lever to fully extend on restart. The CAN-BUS was freaking out. "It is nicht right!" A quick twist of the guard and A-OK!

Glad you are well. I suppose if you have to do it, a much more GS-approved place than on asphalt! grin.gif The bike even looks better with a little hard-earned dirt! And, hey, we now have matching hand guard scuffs! thumbsup.gif BTW, great pictures. From where I sit, worth the scuffs.

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