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Wearing in a new engine


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I have read and will follow the wearing in procedures for the new GS as described in the manual and modified a bit by Dick and ED. Question. Is it better to get the 600-900 miles in a couple of days(or one)or short trips spread over a week or so? Does the number of heat up/ cool down cycles of the engine during that time make any differance?

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I do all mine in a day. The number of heating/cooling cycles is unimportant, IMHO. More important is that the motor not be allowed to heat up too much beyond normal but, it must be brought up to normal operating temperature before any heavy loading. You can expect that the motor will go beyond normal during the latter portions of the procedure as you will be accelerating under large throttle openings (high load). This is where you need to exercise a bit of caution lest the motor heat too much. I would put 4 or 5 bars on the rider information display as normal and would consider a cool down period if the display reaches 7 bars.

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Thx Ed. I knew you would be on this this morning. Rather than piddle around w/ it I'd rather just get the miles on, get the 600 done, and be on my merry way. I've got a route picked out already.

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Interesting piont of view. I spoke to several friends who are crew chiefs of the big bike racing teams (Suzuki and Ducati) on this very subject. Their responses were identical: it is the heat cycles that are important. The main point is to bring the bike up and down in the RPMs and not maintain a steady pace. Basically highway riding is bad and anything else is better.


They tend to take the view of "ride it like you stole it" - push the bike decently within the total RPM range and do not exceed any limits. For the first 100 miles, do no more than 4,000 RPM. After that - sprints up into the higher RPM are good. Just don't red line it and don't lug it.


I read the BMW manual on the new 06 RT and it actually says that if possible, do mountian riding. Unfortunately, they don't supply the mountains..


I had two previous 1100RTs - one my wife broke in by the book and one that I rode and pushed harder. This one ended up being the smoothest riding of the two.


Suggestion: talk to your mechanics and ask them what the shop response is and then ask them their personal opinion. They work on the bikes and see results of each style of riding.





06 R1200RT

05 Ducati Multistrada

04 Ducati Multistrada

Gotta love the twins. cool.gif

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Don't forget that "engine braking" is just as important to a new engine as is acceleration. Pick a gear and un it up and down without clutch and barake. First 50 miles are the most important to the health of the engine. After a few hundred a BMW motor needs some revs to break in. I try not to let the engine cool completely for the first 200 miles. So run off a tank full to check mileage and fuel gauge too.


If you're having fun the bike is too. Remember this is supposed to be fun. clap.gif

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