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FS: New-style 49L Top Case - Bay Area CA


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BMW motorcycle top case. New-style, 2014+


One very light scratch on top, not deep enough to catch your fingernail on. If you can't see it in the photo that's because it's an extremely light scratch... most people would look at it and say it's in new condition


Normally sits on a shelf in my garage. Once a year I put it on the bike and do a week-long trip, It's gone on three trips with me.


It has the central locking capability, the optional LED brake light, the interior LED courtesy light, and I even have a lock cylinder for you.


I'm pretty good at rekeying these, so I can re-key it to match your bike key when you pick it up.




Willing to ship on your dime.  I've already removed the lock cylinder. 




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4 hours ago, calldavid said:

Will this fit a 2012 RT? Currently have a Shad mounted from PO. Thank you 

Yes, the mounts are exactly the same.  


The power lock won't work since your bike wasn't designed with it.  Same for the brake light, though if you got a hold of the wiring diagram, that could be wired to work.

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