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Baseball, Ozarks & Such - May 2021


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  Date   From To
Wed. 5/12/21 Travel Bradenton, FL Bonifay, FL
Thurs. 5/13/21 Travel Bonifay, FL Baton Rouge, LA
Fri. 5/14/21 Travel Baton Rouge, L Houston, TX
Sat. 5/15/21 Astros Ball Game Houston, TX
Sun. 5/16/21 Travel Houston, TX Arlington, TX
Mon. 5/17/21 Rangers Ball Game Arlington, TX
Tues. 5/18/21 Travel Arlington, TX Hot Springs, AR
Wed. 5/19/21 Travel Hot Springs, AR Eureka Springs, AR
Thurs. 5/20/21 Travel Eureka Springs, AR Cape Girardeau, MO
Fri. 5/21/21 Travel Cape Girardeau, MO Huntsville, AL
Sat. 5/22/21 Travel Huntsville, AL Cumberland, GA
Sun. 5/23/21 Braves Ball Game Cumberland, GA
Mon. 5/24/21 Travel Atlanta, GA Points South
Tues. 5/25/21 Travel TBD TBD
Wed. 5/26/21 Travel Cedar Key ? Bradenton, FL


This trip could be made to merge with the BMW MOA Getaway at Dillard, GA 5/21 to 5/23/2021.


PM me if interested to do some ride alongs. Have never experienced the Ozarks and always here good things. Itin. is weather permitting, of course.

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I'm doing a ride out of L.A. to Hot Springs and coming home via Colorado and Utah.


After a little research decided to do the run up to Eureka Springs via the Pig Trail on my way to Oklahoma City.


Any suggestions re the road or places to eat - I'll probably be looking for a lunch place.


Thanks in advance.

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I stayed at Dame Fortune’s Cottage Court in Hot Springs. That’s a nice little place with nice rooms, more interesting than your typical corporate places. Just across the street Is Bailey’s Dairy Treat. It doesn’t look like much but they’ve got a great burger.


On the way to  Eureka Springs I just wanted to get out of the rain and didn’t stop. I’m sure there are fine places, though. And it’s a great town if you’ve never been. I stayed at Hidden Springs B&B.  Tucked away up the hilllside from the main drag. Quiet and quaint, I would stay there again. I’m sure you can find good food in that town.


Happy traveling.

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