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slipperyt slab or how I learned about creek snot


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met a friend on Friday in Blanco, Tx for a weekend of Texas hill country riding. Having a great time until we explored some back country ranch roads; the kind with low water dams that cross the road. I have crossed the things for years without mishap. This day was different. My friend was riding his FJR and was about 3 bike lengths ahead of me. He was crossing the low water dam with just enough speed to keep upright when as fast a blink he was down and sliding. I had just enough time to think Oh S**t and I was down too. Thankfully I was riding my yamaha fz1 and not my RT. So we are both laying in the creek trying to figure out what went wrong and just busted out laughing! The algae on the dam took us out big time. No one was hurt, his FJR has about $500 in broken plastic and it looks like I may have to get one new slider and take a slight kink out of my bars. Anyway sometimes you just have to smile and remember to watch out for the creek snot.

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Calvin  (no socks)

I crossed a few last spring... clean as new concrete...Hey where did Texas spend all that federal bridge money anyhow? grin.gif

I've never seen crossings like that before... dopeslap.gif

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