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  2. That is hard to imagine. 15000+ miles on a set of T31's. I get half that on my T31's and feel lucky. They do seem to wear more or less at the same rate, front and rear. I used Michelin tires for years, and would get 4000-5000 miles on the rear, and not quite twice that on the front. I usually changed my front Pilot Roads early because they would feather and make annoying sounds.
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  4. Older thread but Susquehanna Co has a lot of fun dirt roads still.
  5. eddd

    SOLD - 2004 BMW 1150 rt $1500

    Items have been sold
  6. Hi All- Here are my picks for inexpensive presents that the riders in your life will enjoy this holiday season... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvJW0SYUYiI
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  8. Rougarou

    Park n move

    Skylift has one for the RT
  9. lkraus

    Youtube videos worth watching

    Looks like somebody changed the settings. I'm guessing it was related to this?
  10. a one -fourth size version (2730x1152 pixel) is available here: http://www.statsmapsnpix.com/2020/11/. Right-click and save image. Full size prints are available for purchase, or stretch your brain and follow the instructions to build your own. Zooming in, I think I can identify Anchorage and Fairbanks in the upper left. I'm not sure what community that might be WSW of Anchorage. I was thinking Kenai, but apparently Soldatna, with a much smaller population, has a much greater density.
  11. 041100S

    Park n move

    Interesting as Sky Lift does make it to fit an RS. Would think each would benefit in making their stands fit each model. More RTs are sold than RSs.
  12. Skywagon

    Park n move

    The Bursig is a clever idea. The challenge is they don't make an adapter for the RT. They do for many BMW's just not the RT.
  13. Skywagon

    Won't Start without Neutral light indicator

    one of my close friends thought it was clever when he stole the coil wire.... I can't remember that ending too well now. I don't remember if it had 1 or 2 coils. That was somewhere around 1970. Later bought a 64 fairlane with 289. He had the same 64 fairlane. Turns out his key would fit my car but mine would not fit his. I would come out in the morning to go to school and my car was missing. He would hide it a few blocks away at night. All in good fun as I pranked him many times too. He is still my best friend today. We've know each other since we were 2.
  14. JC120

    SOLD - 2004 BMW 1150 rt $1500

    Bike is sold Thanks Jim
  15. Paul De

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    His niece stated Trump will not run again. Aside from his health being questionable to make it 4 years and remain capable to run, there is a larger issue that makes a second run unlikely. She stated that Trump knows deep down he lost fair and square and he will not risk becoming a two time looser. He hates being called a looser more than anything. He and his buddy Bannon, along with OAN, Newsmax, Breightbart and other BS pushing outlets will give him a platform to spend the rest of his days spewing conspiracy theories. Look for him online at Russian hosted servers like 4Chan hanging out with his QAnon sycophants.
  16. Paul De

    Democratic ticket is set

    Naw, you left out several "nobody has ever seen anything like this before", at least one "we'll see what happens", and of course, "I won by a lot". He seems to have moved past the non word bigly though.
  17. Paul De

    Quiet Ride Werks windshield review

    After I bought my Waterhead, I was saddened to find out Cee Bailey exited the M/C windshield business as I had great results with their +2H+4W (I think) for winter riding and the Euro cut was an all around great performer on my oilhead. So like many others I decided to give the Werks Quiet Ride a try and couldn't be happier. Since I don't ride at temps below 45F much anymore I went with the Standard 24" height which still allows a ton of fresh air to cool you in the lowest position in the high heat of summer, particularly while tooling through those little towns along the way. Great performance at speed with a nice large turbulence free pocket. as well. Interesting comment from Terry about his fabrication partner because when I got the Quiet Ride windshield I was happy to find it to be every bit the same high quality of my Cee Bailey windshields. FYI 5'10" Sargent saddle in low position, unless going long distance, then the saddle is set to the high position.
  18. szurszewski

    Interesting way to look at World Population

    If you look closely you can see ANC and FAI - I suspect Juneau and other places would show if looking at the full resolution image.
  19. While not revolutionary like its competitors, it learned from them and improved on their formula. View the full article
  20. lawnchairboy


    Perhaps because the article is about Facebook and Twitter?
  21. BamaJohn

    G650GS won't start

    Removed seat; listened for fuel pump sound at "key on", but not a whimper. Bike's now on my trailer for him to take to Huntsville BMW where they can check for codes thrown to verify and repair. Thanks to all. jb
  22. HellFishTat

    '07 R1200S Issues once warm

    The independent BMW mechanic did the same thing last Friday and used the BMW diagnostic tool. Everything was good according to him then. He also did the TPS reset. I think it’s just bad. I’ll email Dynojet and see what they think. If I remove it to send it in, I doubt I’d hassle with putting it back on. Next Friday is my 58th, and my brother and I usually go to the gun range and burn through his ammo supply. Just want to make sure I can ride then and on New Years Eve/Day. This will be my 36th year riding on those days. After the year that was 2020, it will be a nice reminder of how fortunate I am to be alive, still ride, and live in the US. Now if I could just convince my wife to let everyone get a used R1200RS...
  23. Alaska seems to be missing. I know it has low population density, but one would think that Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau would be visible.
  24. 041100S

    Park n move

    Look at the Bursig Center Lift stand, www.bursigusa.com. Through Wunderlich America the shipping is free until the end of the year. The color black is available now as all others are back ordered until next year.
  25. Wow, when you see the raw numbers it’s a good deal harder to grasp just how populated India and China are. My foreign travels (besides SEA) have been limited to Europe so apparently I’m pretty ignorant about our challenges in protecting the environment. Also better understand the strategy of the big companies like Boeing.
  26. Selden

    Won't Start without Neutral light indicator

    Out of curiosity, what turned out to be the problem?
  27. Old Fettler

    A way of fitting a Givi tanklock ring to an R1200ST

    Well done lather it just goes to show what is possible given determination and a bit of "outside the box" thinking !
  28. click image for full size pic From Twitter and the author of the map ....
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