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  2. After seeing all these beautiful RTs in this thread, as well as the growing number at the recent START, I couldn't help myself and found this pristine 2016 nearby last week. It has only 7K miles on it and came with a Nav 5 and custom Sargent seat (the passenger backrest needs to come off). Let the farkling begin!
  3. TEWKS

    New old stock '20 RT

    They’re telling you a lie just to sell it as new. Max 8-10 miles on every bike I ever bought over the last forty years.
  4. Image: The Husqvarna Vektorr electric scooter concept breaks cover to give a huge clue as to what we can expect from Huskie's burgeoning green motorcycle range View the full article
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  6. wbw6cos

    New old stock '20 RT

    Welcome to the forum. My '19 RT had 8 miles on it, which was standard for all the inventory at the dealer (now permanently closed) where I bought the bike. At another dealer, the mileage they list is 15 miles. So it goes without saying, but your mileage may vary. 150 seems a little far fetched, though. You can check out a few BMW dealer web sites (including yours) and see what the mileage they list for new inventory and go from there. Let us know how it turns out.
  7. wbw6cos

    New Member

    Guessing they left you in charge of riding all of them. Looks like a room full of fun!
  8. (not the official posting) will be Sep 22 -26 in Black Mountain, NC. Mark your calendar now. Lodging will be announced in a few weeks. Stay tuned. See ya there!
  9. Image: A father turns detective in order to track a 'gang' he believes was responsible for stealing his BMW S1000RR but says police failed to act upon his evidence View the full article
  10. alexp

    ### NHTSA Contact about Recalled Brakes ###

    So I did some research today about the brake situation. All the S1000 are now being retrofit with NISIN brakes and the rest of the models are going to be replaced with Brembos. The NISIN has the BMW logos on them.
  11. Ponch

    New old stock '20 RT

    PDI or pre delivery inspection is only a few miles, 5 at most. More than that and it's a demo or they just let a lot of folks test ride it, which is a demo I guess.
  12. Sam_

    New Member

    Overview of the garage + an '83 CX650 Turbo that is behind me From left to right: dad's '13 R1200GS, dad's '06 R1200RT, my R1100R, my brother's '00 Bandit 600, and the aforementioned ZX7, then obviously the S in front On top: my brother's '73 Suzuki RV125 and my '72 CB350 Twin
  13. Sam_

    New Member

    Sorry for the delay. Got caught up with work and it completely slipped my mind. My phone camera isn't focusing very well so bear with me and the somewhat blurry pictures
  14. DaveTheAffable

    Rim Damage

    I made my 10 day trip to Fort Smith Arkansas, the Ozarks and other places and was nearly home when my front rim on my R 1200 RT had an argument with a piece of asphalt, and the piece of asphalt was the winner. What are your suggestions? Rim repair? Used rim? Or new rim?
  15. DaveTheAffable

    Orange County, Calif. to Branch, Arkansas

    Well, I made my 10 day trip to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas City Kansas, Denver, Gunnison Colorado, Flagstaff, and it all came to an abrupt halt just outside of Quartzsite Arizona. Approximately 70 mph on Highway 10, A piece of approximately 3 inch thick and 8“ x 10“ wide piece of asphalt appeared in the road after a car ahead of me went over it. Damaged the front rim severely, but I was able to keep the bike upright. Limp it along 2 1/2 miles to the first exit in Quartzsite, Arizona. I waited there for five hours until a friend drove to Quartzsite with his truck and we transported my RT back home. It truly was a great trip! It was just the last eight hours it wasn’t much fun. (See my questions in camhead forum regarding rim) Magazine mountain, Arkansas Colorado Near Monument Valley Near tears…. LOL. Pig Trail, Arkansa
  16. KernelClamjuice

    New old stock '20 RT

    Hey everyone. On the edge of dropping a few bucks......I was looking at a local dealer and the Bike only had 5 miles on it. The Sales guy told me that BMW requires the motorcycle to be driven about 150 miles prior to Selling. This is to allow minor tuning and to detect any issues..... is this true?
  17. Bigfish

    Both Low Beams and Both Moto Lights out???

    Finally got around to troubleshooting my lights issues. Bought some SabreLED Profit 40w H7 W for low beam replacements and they are now working great. The company for the lights, DDM Tuning, is literally less than a mile away from my house. The have top notch LED conversions. Moto Lights was more difficult. By deduction, I am 99.9% sure the issue was with the Left side light lead. New light lead ordered. After cutting off the Zip Ties on the Left lead, both motolights worked. But then I blew another fuse so I just disconnected that wire and the right side works fine.
  18. MichiganBob

    Need a picture favor

    I can't help but think that a totally untrained staff person hobbled up the job. Yes, it's good that they stepped up to the plate but what happened must leave some scar tissue or am I being too harsh? What has been your past experience with service at this dealer Skywagon? Will you go back to them again for service? MB
  19. So... somebody tell me about FART...
  20. Miguel!

    Has Anyone Ordered From Chromeburner?

    I purchased a Shoei modular helmet a couple years ago. I saw the IK prices were about 25% cheaper then the US prices. But as others have noted, the don't come with DOT stickers. That didn't bother me much but I wondered what an insurance company might do if I got in an accident and I wasn't wearing a DOT helmet. In the end I just purchased a DOT-vertified version from Cyclegear. You can purchase a DOT sticker from eBay but on the Shoei, it was under the clear coat. Just sayin'. best Miguel
  21. Looking to buy a backrest pad for my R1100RT 33L topcase. Kit part number: 71 60 2 337 201
  22. Rougarou

    Right Now!

    Well, my GSA hasn't been offroad yet, but I haven't washed it since I bought it and it looks just as dirty as it did yesterday,.......I need a good rain day ride!!
  23. TEWKS

    Right Now!

    I don’t think I can get away with it on both bikes. I’ll tell ya a little secret, this shite works great on the GS. Along with a little story telling I get the Starbuck’s guys to fall for it every time!
  24. eddd

    SOLD - FS Aerostich Darien pant & jacket

    Items have been sold
  25. chrisolson

    Spring 2021 May 19-24

    Damn ... wish I could make it ... would have been excellent to see you again !!
  26. Lester V

    BMW MOA National Rally JUNE 25-28

    Thanks Mike, looks like the UN is also likely a no go.
  27. Yesterday
  28. Rougarou

    Right Now!

    And put some scratches on the side cases, crack the blinker housing and scratch up the damn valve covers,.....at least make it look like its been used.
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