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  2. Bill_Walker

    What do these buttons do on my key fob?

    That's news to me. I do it with the Power button on the forks, but the same technique: hold the button until the fork lock engages or disengages. All of this presupposes you have Keyless Ride, of course.
  3. Trueairspeed

    WTB BMW Vario Top Box for 08 GS

    This request has been met. Topbox no longer needed. Thanks.
  4. Bill_Walker

    Phone mount for Nav prep

    That one appears to have an "extended" mount to work on the recessed dash mount on the R1200RT/R1250RT. You don't say what bike you have. My buddy bought one for the fork crown mounted GPS mount on his F750GS. As I recall, he bought his on EBay, and said prices there ran from $30-100 for devices that appeared to be identical. He decided to go for a mid-priced one in hopes there was a quality difference. AFAIK, he's been happy with it. He had no intention of buying a GPS.
  5. lkraus

    BMW Connected App and BMW_AP

    I don't have a bike that uses the BMW Connected app, or a Pixel, but Bluetooth connections often use a PIN to provide some security. Usually, the phone or the device to be connected, or both, will display the PIN and ask for permission to connect. Usually you only need the PIN once, during the initial pairing.
  6. Bighopper

    BMW Connected App and BMW_AP

    The App is for the TFT dash bikes. Not for the RT...search Youtube to see how it functions.
  7. Today
  8. fourteenfour

    Harley Davidson pulls out of India

    Their Rewire plan has now jettisoned India as a market. Instead of adapting to the market they apparently tried to sell their Street Line (500/750cc) which is still to large in displacement for large number of sales.
  9. Image: The all-new Aprilia Tuareg 660 adventure motorcycle is spotted in the wild for the first time since its shrouded reveal at the 2019 EICMA show View the full article
  10. drswift

    WTB BMW Vario Top Box for 08 GS

    Sending email. Dave Swift
  11. Lowndes

    1999 R1150GS Suspect HES Failure - how to fix

    Same for me, two HES units rewired by GSAddict, BETTER than new. Be sure to follow his shipping instructions "TO THE LETTER". Otherwise Canadian customs will charge you way too much to get it back.
  12. lawnchairboy

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    whatever. None of us have much control other than smacking our foreheads. Nothing would surprise me.
  13. Rougarou

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    That'll be funny, Trump wins, congress rams down a pack and stack SCOTUS, Trump nominates two more,.........not to be approved until 2022........that's "if" democrats take the senate.
  14. @StretchMark. Have you checked with the one in McDonough? I have not used them, but........worth a shot.
  15. Antimatter

    You ain't seen nothing yet.

    Get ready for an 11-person SCOTUS.
  16. Ugh...Hourglass Cycles near me permanently closed and at Wooly's (the old BMW Atlanta) the first available service appointment is November 17th. Guess I'll test ride for a couple months.
  17. dirtrider

    Removing ABS 03 1150RT

    Afternoon joeb Yes, makes sense, not so much that a 4 times system flush will give you a permanent repair but that a mechanic would tell you that. Sometimes if you fool with the ABS enough you can sort of get it working but I haven't ever seen that be a lasting repair. One of the problems with the BMW I-ABS system is that you don't have much braking power in the residual brakes so you REALLY don't want a non-permanent repair that could allow you to go into residual braking in a must-stop situation.
  18. joeb

    Removing ABS 03 1150RT

    Andy. Would love to but dont know how to pm. Not even sure I'm replying to your post
  19. joeb

    Removing ABS 03 1150RT

    Dont know how to paste it, but utube search bmw 1150 abs removal from Wheel stories.
  20. joeb

    Removing ABS 03 1150RT

    Thanks all. Gs 911 said need abs pump. Cant repair . Mechanic told me about a customer who had exact 911 analysis and flush out the abs box, was kind of sludgy, ran brake fluid thru it about 4 times and it worked fine. Does that make sense ? And, would that be done on the bike , kind of like a real long brake bleed ?
  21. Little Jackson has anger issues!
  22. Image: A RST TracTech Evo R Leather Jacket worth more than £300 is up for grabs if you complete this short Visordown motorcycling survey View the full article
  23. Rougarou

    Gas Cap Won't Release

    Ya, I haven't searched this, but I'd really like to convert my GSA back to keyed ignition and tank cap Not that I've had any issues, but I use various jackets and have gotten to the bike only to have to go back into my building to retrieve the fob from the morning jacket. Never had that issue on any of my keyed bikes.
  24. dirtrider

    Battery deals

    Morning taylor1 AGM is a pretty solid battery design, you really don't want a GEL if you can at all avoid it. GEL batteries have 2 things going for them, (1) is- they can be mounted & used upside down, (2) they are leakproof enough (even upside down) to allow manufactures to ship a motorcycle with the battery pre-installed. The downside to most motorcycle GEL batteries is they usually die a sudden death (start just fine then very next start totally dead). Also, they do not handle overcharging very good as once the GEL bubbles away from a plate in a spot then that spot on the plate never recovers.
  25. TEWKS

    RIP DRZ :-)

    I love the whistle blowing! Danger Will Robinson!
  26. TEWKS

    BMW M1000

    Think I read somewhere that it will be priced around 40K. I’d need to have FU money to comfortably spend that much on a sport-bike that I’d only use a fraction of. Two or three GSX-R 1000 Suzuki’s would make more sense. The Hayes brakes have been a nightmare for both companies I’d imagine. I hope the 21 line gets the Brembo’s back.
  27. Rougarou

    RIP DRZ :-)

    Looks like a nice slow drive, even slows more so as not to hit the rider, motorcycle rider tries to prevent driver from riding through the illegal impeding of traffic, group attacks, driver flees.
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