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  2. Limecreek

    It's time to upgrade...

    Pictures on arrival are required. The 2013 GSW was the first wet head I rode. It was instant love but I had a new K16GT in the garage.
  3. Paul De

    World Population Decline?

    Haha it isn’t like I tried it once and gave up. My wife likes it so I have tried it several times at high end restaurants, and made it a few times at home from quality purveyors of meat. With the exception of the France experience I find US produced lamb is nasty tasting. Mint relish doesn’t even hide that aweful flavor. Worse than swap buck venison! YRMV.
  4. lawnchairboy

    New member in Southwest Virginia

    welcome aboard
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  6. dirtrider

    Drive shaft question

    Afternoon Jelarner Not as it relates to the final drive clocking but someone might have used that red dot to mark then re-clock the drive shaft front/rear U joint phasing. The ft/rear U joints on the BMW 1100/1150 don't run at the same working angle so phasing isn't a prime requirement but it is still a good idea to correctly phase them for complimenting working angles.
  7. jelarner

    Drive shaft question

    I am doing a spline lube and clutch replacement on my R1100RS. There is a red dot on the drive shaft yoke on end that fits into final drive housing. Any significance ?
  8. It was this comment that stood out. GSJoe could very well have meant exactly that. But nothing is as it seems with this crew, and soon GSJoe's sincere comment had been twisted to mean: "I'm looking out for number 1 and getting outta there - YOU guys are on your own!!" And the conversation took a sudden left turn. . . Donnie: Ideas for Joe's Stone: “His caring was only matched by his unending generosity” Jerry: "His unselfish nature carried over into every aspect of his life" Indy Dave: "Affectionately known as Buddy Joe" Donnie: “Joe is back in the hot lava”
  9. chrisolson

    Doesn't Work or Don't Know How

    No, there is no way to enforce such a policy of link only within a particular topic. Reducing posts per page is an "implementable now" type of solution but the real one is, as mentioned, the pending software upgrade later this year. Back on hardware specific issues .... I have an iPad Air 2 that loads to the last post in the music video topic without difficulty . Yes, it did take slightly longer than a predominantly picture topic like the Colorado one, but it did load
  10. Hello to the group from "NoKick90" in SW VA. It's been snowing today but now the sun's out - all in all not a great day to ride. We've had about 1 day a week that invited two-wheeled activity this year so far. By the way, the NK90 moniker is in memory of my last BMW motorcycle - a 1974 R90S that was my first bike with no kick start lever. It got taken for a lot of jump starts. On the most recent road trip it became clear that further riding would require a bike with electronic cruise control, so the search is on. The current mount, a 2008 Bandit 1250ABS, has served well, but it's not the most comfortable tourer, even with risers, lowered pegs, and various custom seats/windshields. R1200RT has always been at or near the top of the short list of candidates for replacement. Once a decade ago I rented one for the day and covered a large chunk of Utah and Wyoming following a speedy tour guide on his K1300GT. The bike was just about flawless, despite the wind, high elevation, and about 36k miles on the clock. On the down side, the shop guys there at EagleRider SLC said they had to put a lot more money into BMW's to keep them in good shape, as compared to the Hondas and H-D's. At any rate, there's a BMW for sale here in the neighborhood that looks pretty good on paper: 2009 R1200RT with all 3 bags and 17k miles. Options include cruise, heated grips, a Corbin with the little backrests, Akrapovic can, and low suspension. No ESA or heated seats. The PR4's went on in '16, about 4k miles ago. Owned from new by the seller, who says health issues are keeping him off it. Records show recalls for the usual suspects of fuel pump and strip, and wheel flange. He has the letter with extended warranty for the fuel strip. Engine oil has been changed at the dealer, as was final drive lube at 12k. What should I be thinking about giving for this bike? (He's asking $8995.) Possible problems not covered above seem to include TC cams and the rear brake servo. Are there further risks lurking out there that I should consider before making an offer? Other candidates for the next ride include FJR and -09, Ninja 1000, and various BMW K models. But the RT just seems to beat them all with its combination of lighter weight, performance, high-speed stability, range, and comfort. Cost is an issue, and while some of the Asian bikes might be had for less, there would still be some expense to bring them up to standards. I plan to do all maintenance and necessary mods at home. Looking forward to hearing from some of you, and TIA, NoKick90
  11. We arrived at the store at 4:59. However, it looked like there was a big party going on and we had no problem getting gas, and I don't believe it had closed by the time we'd got back on the bikes.
  12. wbw6cos

    New member- Hello from Scotland

    Welcome to the club! The wife and I hope to do a motorbike trip in Scotland, possibly in 2020. Nice looking RS, by the way. As for the performance issue, I would start by looking at the plug leads to check for cracked insulation. Spark leakage can occur where the wire is closest to the head. Another place to look is to check for air leaks around the intake tubes. Dry rubber or cracks will allow vacuum leaks, which will disrupt the air/fuel mix. Just some thoughts until the experts can chime in. Cheers, Wiliam
  13. Marty Hill

    Traveling east to Nova Scotia -- Recommendations

    I've done most of the route several times. I'd advise staying on the coast as much as possible if you have the time. Much longer but more scenic.
  14. GSJoe: DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT BEAR?!? It was BIG. And later that evening, over drinks, GSJoe reflected: ..... As we were climbing. I was leading, as I entered a left curve, the bear climbed a tree on the inside up about 12’. Scared the shit out of me. All I could think of is where is the mama??!?!? With a great amount of concern for my fellow riders, I accelerated quickly. For the record, I did not see the 'Big Bear'. I have gone back through my video, and I haven't spotted it yet. But with the changing light through the trees and the bikes changing direction, the camera probably washed out either heading into the shade or coming into the sun. Ernie and Steve also saw the bear, and one of them saw it cross the road. Mattole road is rated at 25mph, and at 27 miles, The Google said the trip would take us an hour, and the store closed in 45mins. We were fairly confident we could make that. But... Mattole road is not to be underestimated. It starts off in it's own Red Wood area, with quite narrow roads and tress jutting out - add approaching vehicles, and a large dose of caution is advised. As often happens with these roads, you encounter some smooth sections that tempt one to pick up the pace . . . (somewhere as we climbed that mountain in the background is where the bear was sighted) And then . . . .
  15. Karlington1

    Topcase Lid

    Does anyone know if the two types of BWM 48 L topcase lids are interchangeable on the under shell? I have a standard silver Topcase, I think it's a 2010 model. Compared to the newer (lid) models, mine has more rounded edges; the key tumbler is on the lower bucket to the right. I found a lid that matches the color of my bike. This lid that is for sale has sharper edges with the chrome part that fits into a groove across the back (keyside). I believe the part numbers are; My existing lid - 46547658046 3rd Pic The one I want to buy - 46548526373 1st 2 pics Thanks for any help you might offer.
  16. boxerguy

    "09 1200RT no test ride?

    Good Day Large-Stache I'm not as experienced with these bikes as the other's that have replied here, but for what it's worth, when I was looking for my bike, what sold me on it was the fact that the previous owner emailed me 15 pages of service records. Every required service interval and Recall service was done by the one local BMW Dealer, including Oil changes, final drive, transmission fluid changes etc...most of the services were done slightly less than the required mileage interval and clearly showed dates, mileages and a full explanation of the service that was done that particular day! I was buying from a private individual, so he allowed me a reasonable test ride. He was very upfront with me about the various scratches or blemishes the bike had. Sent me detailed photos of them. He was 5-1/2 hrs away from where I live and was quite straight about the bike. I felt it was worth going to look at, so I made the trip. Turned out to be a great bike so far(4 months and 4,000 mi into ownership). It had 37,000mi when I bought it, 9-1/2 out of 10 condition, runs and feels like a new bike. I ended up paying 6K for it and I'm quite good with that...going market selling price seemed to be anywhere from 7200 to 8500 on the high side for a similar bike! Now, saying all that...recently (500 mi ago) I had a failure of one of the Infamous T.B. Cams...(the other one was also cracked and ready to go). So I had Beemer Bits in Tucson retrofit The CNC Machined Aluminum Cams inside those throttle bodies. BMW's fix for this is normally just to replace the T.B's for a little over 1100 bucks ea...but then your still left with Plastic Cams, to revisit that awful scenario down the road again! D.R. is 100% spot on about the T.B. Cam issue...It's not a matter of if they break, it's more a matter of When....So if I factor in the New Aluminum Cam repair to my equation, I still paid less than 7K for the bike and it's just shy of mint runs (and almost smells new). I'm leaving for The Baja a week from Today! Wish me Luck! 77 deg....dry desert and sunny weather here I come!
  17. Interphone Procase for Iphone 6 or 6S and handle bar mounting hardware. Water resistant, rubber gasket allows one to recharge during use, slide lock closures. Easy to mount and use. $70 on Amazon $40 or reasonable offer.
  18. Miguel!

    New member- Hello from Scotland

    Welcome from Santa Cruz on the central coast of California where we are enjoying cold and rain at the moment. But spring is just around the corner. Miguel
  19. Miguel!

    Heated handgrips connector prewired under dash?

    Dirt Rider. I'm about two weeks away from my bike at the moment. I'll look when I get home. You picture and info were perfect at helping me understand. My 2001 has a black where the switch is supposed to go but I didn't have time to look at the electrics before I left on vacation. Thanks!! Miguel
  20. chrisolson

    Doesn't Work or Don't Know How

    Also, which browser and which theme are you using ?
  21. Miguel!

    Heated handgrips connector prewired under dash?

    Señor Alan. Thanks for the useful schematic. It helps complete the puzzle. I'm pretty adept at electrical and electronics and I completely understand it. Enjoy the sun in SE Spain. At the moment I'm in The Mexican Yucatán enjoying weather and water in the low 80s(F) daytime, high 70s night time. Lovely time to escape the rain and cold weather in the San Francisco Bay area. Cheers. Miguel
  22. chrisolson

    Doesn't Work or Don't Know How

    That is a possibility. There is a global update to the software coming later this year that puts in a "just in time" style of loading for videos, etc. Till then, there is the potential to reduce the default number of posts per page. What size iPad and which screen orientation ?
  23. ltljohn

    Sump Pump Help

    I have the basement watchdog as a backup. The battery is a pain but it worked for 8 days with only one charge off the generator after 4 days when Sandy blew through here. Zoeller is one I was looking at.
  24. mrzoom

    Whip’s Colorado

    Looks like Hwy 550 ??
  25. mrzoom

    Sump Pump Help

    Back when I lived In IL I used Zoeller pumps. Always good to have a spare on the shelf in case. I needed mine one stormy night when the in service pump sucked up a piece of gravel and stalled. A quick swap and back in business. Repaired the stuck pump later and put it on the shelf as the spare. When we added a sun room to the house the city required a 2d pump. I put in a Watch Dog with the battery backup. Nice set up but the battery was a pain to keep in service and at the time only their group 27 would not set off the battery alarm. Now in Oklahoma the house is on a slab but I still have a pump to keep ground water from flowing under the slab. I looked at it when I bought the place and it is a Zoeller. Your are right wet basements suck.
  26. eddd

    Doesn't Work or Don't Know How

    I'm guessing most who click on that thread have noticed the load times getting longer and longer as more posts are added. I see this as only getting worse. Is there a way to allow just the link on threads like this? It would be up to the poster to provide a little text to let interested parties know more about the link for those who want to check it out. Most importantly, would this solve the problem?
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