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  2. JDJ

    servo brake bleed for 2006 RT

    Thanks dirtrider!
  3. What is this rain you speak of?
  4. Today
  5. TEWKS


    Good thing it didn’t start then!
  6. Joe Frickin' Friday

    OBD II (Check Engine Light Translator)

    This one is $4 and likes Apples.
  7. ESokoloff

    Shortages or lack of planning?

    Try finding a 100/90 x 19 dual sport 80/20(ish) front tire
  8. Not going to make this one folks, you all be safe.
  9. Joe Frickin' Friday

    OBD II (Check Engine Light Translator)

    I bought this a few years ago, $13. It works. There are probably a dozen out there like it on Amazon. Unfortunately, on further review I see it doesn't work with Apple. Sorry....
  10. roadscholar


    Just a FYI/warning, if you do drive one of those newer ones then an older one it'll be like going from a 1250 to an 1150 BMW, it may not seem so great anymore : )
  11. ESokoloff

    OBD II (Check Engine Light Translator)

    Yes Richard I hear that an auto parts store will read the code but will they perform this at 02:00 while I’m wearing just my skivvies or even less? Seriously, time is money too & sometimes trumps a penny saved is a penny earned. The cost of one of these will pay off quick enough.
  12. ESokoloff

    OBD II (Check Engine Light Translator)

    I assumed that a unit with an input/output would cost more then a unit that needs a phone/pad. I like that your offering is stand alone but like some of the advantages of the bluetoothed version. The FIXD offering can stay plugged in & constantly gather info. Not sure I need that but makes storage a snap
  13. TEWKS


    The dead Cayman I looked at today.
  14. Ok, I caved & ordered the 1.25A unit instead. It’s a compromise as it’s not micro nor excessive. I like the form factor of this one vs the mini mA versions as I intend on permanently installing it & this one has a corded connection vs a direct plug connection that will make plugging in/disconnecting easier.
  15. Brodiepunker18

    Looking for a recommendation

    So I ended up finally trying on a few helmets and as much as I wanted to try on a Nolan, they just ARENT available anywhere and I don’t want to order one and send it back and pay return shipping. I tried on a few and found the Shoei Neotec 2 doesn’t want to rip off my ears when I take it off. So I looked around and found myself a deal on a gently used(couple months before the guy was hit on his bike) with a cardo packtalk bold so I jumped on it. let’s see how I like it for a few years. thanks everyone for the suggestions and insight. -Eric
  16. Updates: - Changed engine oil with Liqui Moly and engine oil filter from Mahn - Drained and filled final drive gear oil from Liqui Moly - Mileage: 8010 (see photo)
  17. TEWKS

    Finally! A lightweight Harley!

    I’d much prefer the Yamaha but, at $4,000 dollars more than my current unused Schwinn, that ship may have already sailed for me.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I think the plan would be to ride up here in the rain, and then ride these great roads Thursday Friday and Saturday. What's a little rain among friends? The Bumbling BackRoad Riders™ are in full force scouting roads and riding in the rain if need be. @DaveCinNO rode 1100 miles to join us, and over 600 of that was in the rain. And if we can do it.....
  20. samd007

    Centech AP-1

    The bikes are sold and I found this in a box in the garage. No issues with it. $25.00 + shipping from North Carolina.
  21. NRV-RT


    I was there Sunday. It is about 58 miles from my house and a nice ride over some "hills". I go about once a week or so, always a lot of bikes of all kinds, conversation, a root beer and home-baked brownie in a rocker on the porch. The owners have a couple of big farms just down the road and raise Buffalo, and they sell the meat in the restaurant. Interesting place.
  22. Tooofast

    LCD failure 2006 R1200RT

    Linking these two thread together, I did my LCD swap today before I was pointed to this thread. (thanks Rocket Man) Bottom line if you replace just the LCD display there is no need to re-program anything as far as i can tell. My 2005 RT did run and drive with the 2013 RT-Police display but the options were wrong. traction control and TPMS lights were on and flashing to name but a few. Total time 15-20 min if you have no fear or are stupid, 30-40 if you are smarter than me. Tools needed is a super fine torx (sorry dont know the size) . Don't touch the inside of the clear cover, it has a coating that gets smuggled (as me know i know) but other than that its pretty straight forward,. The photos and sequence write up are on the attached thread and should help out. good luck and reach out to me if you have any questions. Dave
  23. roadscholar


    Don’t forget the Monza.
  24. TEWKS


    Never mind you were right, much closer.
  25. Tooofast

    2005 RT Gauges LCD issues. (200k bike)

    Thanks, looks like our posts crossed as i was posting.
  26. TEWKS


    You must be about ten years younger than me because I was thinking more on the lines of Trans Am, What’s Your Pleasure…
  27. RandyShields

    Youtube videos worth watching

    Yeah, a horrible outcome for both families.
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