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  2. Rougarou

    The Cousin Jeremy Story

    This ain't a freakin' fashion show and you're already married with children,........function over form,.....say it with me, function-over-form!!!
  3. This item is sold.
  4. wallyging

    Replace fuel strip with warning switch on 2012 R1200R?

    I tried the fuel strip spoof (see above) this afternoon and it worked! It took about a minute for the gauge in the display to rise and the warning light to go out, just like it used to do when I filled up the tank when the fuel strip was working. It will be a week or two before I can get some time on the bike to see if it continues to work (I tried it today with the ignition on but the bike not running).
  5. MBrockman5

    Possible mpg drop issue?

    That's what I meant. I use the Zumo for the miles traveled. I figure that has to be more accurate than the bike's odometer. In the mean time, I'm off to research how to repair/replace the upper windscreen arms as the right one decided to 🤬 snap on my way home...
  6. TEWKS

    New Anakee Adventure Tires on a R1200GS?

    Let us know how you like them if you don’t mind. Thinking I might go with them also. Good price
  7. RTinNC

    New Touratech Evo X Panniers

    Yes ... if you have the BMW Adventure racks that is a way to go. But if you don't have the racks (on standard GS) then the pricing for the Bumots is with racks is comparable to the Zega Pros with racks. And again here it's once again a personal preference of whether you prefer the look & shape of the Bumots or the Zega Pros.
  8. Although used, all parts are present, and the handle is in really good condition. Definitely makes life easier as the RT is no lightweight! The Wunderlich price is now north of $150 - insane - so buy a used one for $95 + pp fees, shipped to ConUS.
  9. Rider1200RT

    New Anakee Adventure Tires on a R1200GS?

    A bit of a revival of this thread but I just replaced the Michelin Anakee Adv tires with Dunlop Mission Trailmax tires. I could easily have gotten 9K out of this set but with 8K miles, the front tire noise was just getting too loud for me even with good earplugs! I'll see this weekend how the Dunlops are....
  10. TEWKS

    K1600 owners from R1200R?

    Calvin, I hope you had your socks on that day!
  11. Calvin  (no socks)

    K1600 owners from R1200R?

    I run touring tires and they get me 14-15k miles. I always ride in rain mode to minimize tread wear and take it easy on the throttle because I have 2500 miles back to the house. Have had no complaints from passengers for comfort. (No 2 up trip longer than 200 miles though) Some think I need snow tires.
  12. Have you heard a new Mustang lately? Or a hot rod Mercedes or Audi? Those things are cracking off some loud exhausts now too. I'm all for it, they just sing at speed and gear changes, up and down. Keep the fuel burners alive!!
  13. Rougarou

    Impeach the Motherf _ _ _ _ _

    I can offer you a fine advertisement of what it "can or should" be, but in reality, nothing more than junk.
  14. ltljohn

    F1 Innovation

    And now it is banned for 2021 LINKY
  15. Rick Ward

    Oil change interval

    Anyone use Motul 5100 in their RT. If so, what mileage between changes? Thanks
  16. chrisolson

    F1 Innovation

    last line quote says it all ... “And that's an expense and does it actually make the spectacle any better? Probably not. So it's exactly the kind of thing that owners and rules makers want to outlaw. But as an engineer and a fan of the sport, I think it's great. I wish there was more stuff like that we could do.”
  17. The Harley crowd comes to mind. Plenty of laws coming out in the States dealing with this issue. California is tightening up, you don't have the factory embossment you get a ticket if the LEO is so inclined. Some of the aftermarket cans for the sport bike crowd are nasty loud. Even my OEM 2015 BMW S1000R bike silencer is the loudest BMW has ever made and it is stock. I see gasoline motorcycles a thing of the past in 15 years.
  18. poodad

    Impeach the Motherf _ _ _ _ _

    Vendman and Sondland are imaginary? Remember, most of the people with first-hand knowledge were forbidden to testify by the White House. If you want to compare the impeachment inquiry to a trial, how many employers get to block their employees from testifying at a trial? And spare us the innocent until proven guilty bit. The Senate Republicans admitted that Trump tied Ukraine aid to the announcement of an investigation in order to make Biden look bad. Hell, Marco Rubio even admitted that what Trump did was impeachable. The Republicans didn't say Trump was innocent. What they said was that they aren't required to convict, and therefore weren't. Only La La Land? How about most western European and Scandinavian counties? Canada? Have you already forgotten our last debate where I proved that strong social policies don't stifle business end economy? Employment may be up, but wages are down. Way down. Almost all of the job growth in this country in the last few years is minimum wage jobs.
  19. TEWKS

    Impeach the Motherf _ _ _ _ _

    Now that's funny. I can't quite remember all of them. (Russian spy-Ukraine-Judge appointees-he's a Racist- and so on) Maybe just maybe, the democrats haven't treated this president fairly or with the slightest hint of respect.
  20. Bill_Walker

    F1 Innovation

    Article from Road & Track: https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a31076350/mercedess-dual-axis-steering-advantages-explained/?src=socialflowFBRAT&fbclid=IwAR190bvbIlouM07cj_-a0WRqJmpa1yDml5SafMOj6QYDl5sAyqBwEbTjsTw
  21. Hosstage

    Impeach the Motherf _ _ _ _ _

    If only that one picture of All Franken hadn't come to light....
  22. Delfiki


    Do you think this would fit on a K100? I definitely need to replace the shock on my brick.
  23. realshelby

    Impeach the Motherf _ _ _ _ _

    Corona virus scare is made up by scientists. Probably the same ones clamoring about climate change! If you think he isn't so far "right" he cannot work to find common interest, how do you explain all the venomous names, threats, and falsehood accusations he is making about his opposing party? And if you are ok with that, how about the same things he has said about his fellow Republicans! Few can look past that. It is called burning bridges. Anyway, if you don't think Trump is playing to the Evangelists, White Power constituents, and Deep State believers I really don't know what to say. It is after all what got him elected. I don't think for a moment there is anything religious about Trump, and I am completely ok with that. Politics. All about stirring up his fan base. Which is why I lost my respect for him as President. I agree the office should have that, no matter who is elected. But Trump isn't worthy.
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