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  2. Published in: Gear There’s no hiding the fact that I love Alpinestars products and they’re the only brand I’ve consistently purchased since I got into riding. While shopping for tie-downs at my local dealership, I stumbled upon the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air Gloves. They were in the “street bike” section of the shop, surrounded by road-tailored gear and sport helmets. And despite the “Road Sport” logos on the gloves’ packaging, I knew just by handling them that they’d be a great option for dual-sporting. So, I swiped my card, gladly spent money I didn’t have, and was on my way. What first attracted me to the SMX-1 Gloves was their overall styling and construction. Imagine motocross gloves with hard knuckle protection, palm padding, reinforced grip zones, and layered materials to protect abrasion zones. They’re more robust than off-road gloves, but more breathable, lighter, and more comfortable than typical street gloves. The pre-curved fingers have touchscreen-compatible fingertips, a feature I didn’t know existed until I forgot to pull them off at a gas station. The gloves are optimized for ventilation, so they aren’t waterproof. As expected, they don’t breathe as well as motocross gloves, but the 3D Mesh provides good air flow. The trade-off for durability and safety is worth it for the type of riding I do. Close attention to detail and thoughtful construction in Alpinestars products have always impressed me. There’s no extra material hanging off the fingertips to snag on levers, or stuffed inside to create discomfort. There’s even a small stretchy insert between the palm and thumb to create a snug fit while still offering a good range of motion. Abrasion zones are double stitched and I counted no fewer than 11 different materials in the gloves’ composition. This product is extremely well made and a bargain at its price point. It takes a couple of rides in warm weather to break in the gloves. As the goat leather stretches, the glove gets softer and more comfortable. On the trail, I’ve found that my hands won’t get toasty as long as I stay moving. The foam in the palm really does reduce stress and vibration, most noticeable on long rides. I haven’t tested the durability of the molded knuckle protection in the SMX-1, but it’s the same unit as found on my SP-2 road race gloves, which have held up after taking multiple impacts at high speeds during track days. These gloves check off all the boxes, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again once they wear out. If you’re looking for an option with more protection than motocross gloves but offering comfort on the trail, take a hard look at the SMX-1 Air Gloves. Alpinestars.com MSRP: $59.95 PROS: Durable construction Comfortable, pre-formed fit Great ventilation Much safer than thin motocross gloves CONS: Check the forecast The 3D Mesh traps dirt View the full article
  3. Janky59

    2021 1250RT changes?

    I’ve often thought the same thing, it seems like a hot one would have a tough time finding a buyer. Other than us old fogies, it’s a smart phone world.
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  5. Whew, lads! View the full article
  6. David13

    TPMS New Sensor Install

    I'm installing the new tire pressure monitor sensors. The Hexcode GS911 worked perfectly at learning the new sensors as Set B. The EL 50448 device woke the sensors up when the GS 911 asked for that. The question now is will the bike just use Set B or does the bike have to be told to do that? dc
  7. AndyS

    2021 1250RT changes?

    Hmm. In all the years I have been following the RT, I have never heard of a problem with the SatNav disappearing.
  8. fourteenfour

    2021 1250RT changes?

    I was very disappointed to see that they do not act as navigation and still require the Garmin unit which on the RT is not secure
  9. StretchMark

    Kinsley Rememberance Ride & Gathering

    In for sure!
  10. Nice Oldironken - I must say, I am not a tree hugger, just the son of a forester that taught me to appreciate them, the products they make, and the proper husbandry / care taking of forests / trees.
  11. Image: UK and Ireland Harley-Davidson dealerships are to re-open to help commuters stay safe and away from public transport View the full article
  12. Don, just finished a 4 day ride my '99 R1100R in the mountains around the GA, TN, NC borders. The bike is great on the curvy roads, changing lines mid corner, adding brake mid corner. I really like riding the bike. The front end stays planted and the minimal brake dive is a plus in my mind. I ride with big and small V Stroms and a bunch of HD's & a Indian. The "R" easily hangs with the big Strom, FWIW. I am real happy with the bike in those riding circumstances. I think you'll like yours in similar conditions. An RT might be better for longer rides. But those extra 100 lbs. over the R models is one of those wonderful compromises that makes us own more than one bike. It's not much of a dirt bike, too (200#s) heavy.
  13. Image: The case sees Honda taking the motorcycle manufacturer Hero to court over their latest electric scooter design View the full article
  14. Joe, do you by any chance still have the Big Mak tank bag pieces? Thanks in advance for your reply. - Jim
  15. Colorado Jeff

    in my boredom I made these disc’s

    Hey Joe, I got the second plug the other day. It looks great! It really cleans up the frame. This is how BMW should have done this, great job!
  16. Dave_in_TX

    New Anakee Adventure Tires on a R1200GS?

    There is a thread about these on advrider.com. Most posts seem favorable.
  17. Image: Triumph has put together 10 #TriumphTogether gift boxes for Lockdown Heroes – Rugby star David Flatman delivers the first View the full article
  18. Warren Dean

    Civil Unrest Suprise?

    Very well put.
  19. Image: Honda Thailand has released a new video depicting the new CT125 off-road motorcycle in its natural habitat View the full article
  20. realshelby

    Civil Unrest Suprise?

    Pat, this is about a LOT more than one Police officer misusing his power. What about the 3 others that stood by and watched. Seriously, if force was needed to subdue this person, the other three should have been directly involved. But that isn't really my point. One incident rarely causes much backlash. This is about ALL the cases similar to this. Even those that don't result in harm, other than the stress of what might happen to a Black man when cops arrest them. Think about that from that person's viewpoint. This has been building and building....... I completely agree with you about the looting and destruction. No place for it. The attitude that doing this helps anything is a part of Black culture that needs changing FAST! Too many times they are simply hurting their own people. I just cannot justify that at all. Like I said, put some of the Justice Department to work finding EVERYONE they can that was involved and arrest them. Instead of working to screw political opponents they could be doing something that will show these events have consequences.
  21. bikelee


    Price has been lowered to $185 INCLDING FREE SHIPPING AND INSURANCE ! Thanks.
  22. Oldironken

    Alpine Motosafe earplugs

    I wear the same type of hearing aids you have, when riding i take them out and put in my plugs. The ear peace plugs i use are very comfortable, i can wear them for hours and hours and forget they are in there.
  23. Oldironken

    The Grandfather tree is no more.....

    While on the subject of trees i would recommend a great book i read over the winter. "The Overstory" by Richard Powers. It is a tree-hugger sort of book that weaves trees into the lives of people over generations. One line from the book i remember well goes something like this. "When is the best time to plant a tree? 20-years ago. When is the 2nd best time to plant a tree? Today."
  24. Patallaire

    Civil Unrest Suprise?

    This has become only about the looting and killing. One police officer used his power incorrectly, and one man tragically died, and now people are justifying the burning of buildings, the looting of stores, all across the world, people getting killed or beaten, handicapped for life, for what, to prove what point? You would have had a decision to make for sure, either you stood in your shop armed and hurt the people coming in to destroy your shop or you gave it up. There is no justification for these outcomes under any circumstances.
  25. Image: The new system for the Triumph is said to save a lot of weight and it makes the Rocket 3 sound superb! View the full article
  26. I remember in Lincoln MA there was a town park with a Chestnut tree. It looked like it was in an ER at the hospital. It had barrels attached with tubes running down the trunk attached to the equivalent of needles poked into the roots. My father was with me at the time and told me the species and said that was the drugs that were keeping it alive. That was many years ago and I would bet it has since passed. Sad ... I remember Elms as well. Another beautiful tree that has gone by. I also remember researching deeds for my father's surveying company and finding deeds from the 1800s that referenced, "the large Elm Tree by the creek" as a corner. Yeah, those were easy surveys ...
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