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  2. Carlisja

    Unexpected acquisition of R1250RT-P

    I have over 6,000 miles on it now. So far I guess I have been lucky that they just pile up behind me.
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  4. Published in: Gear With the scrambler market on the move, companies are jumping on the band wagon with classic, retro-styled gear to fit the look. Scorpion is no exception; a few years ago they brought to market their spin on the traditional-styled waxed-cotton riding gear, with the Birmingham jacket and pant. The problem with the old-style waxed cotton was that it didn’t offer much on the protective side of things. Scorpion kicked it up a notch by creating their own 53% cotton/47% nylon EXO wax-coated outer material (waxed cotton) fabric that is made stronger by weaving in nylon for additional abrasion resistance. Waterproofing comes from a laminated/breathable membrane. A total of seven pockets with four external, two large inner, and one large rear pass-through pocket provide plenty of stash places. YKK zippers and snaps are used for carefree zipping and snapping. To keep you protected in the event of a spill Scorpion added SAS-TEC CE-certified armor in the elbows and shoulders. The back pad is PE foam and can easily be upgraded to Level 2 armor. Elbows and shoulders use heavy-duty reinforcements for added protection. Overall, the jacket and pants have a traditional fit. Be warned that it takes a bit for the jacket to break in and feel more natural. The collar is extra stiff and takes a bit longer to break in, too. The pants fit like your favorite pair of Levi’s and use a 23% cotton/77% nylon EXO wax-coated outer material that’s 100% waterproof with heavy-duty reinforcements at the knees, shins and seat, and SAS-TEC CE armor at knees and hips for added protection. Pant storage isn’t an issue, with a total of six external pockets. All in all, I’ve been pleased with the Birmingham jacket and pant combo. I would like to see Scorpion use a less stiff collar material for more comfort. And the pants don’t incorporate a zipper on the leg for the ease of getting them over the boot. This could be challenging, depending on the boot. MSRP: Jacket—$299.95−$314.95 | Pants—$179.95−$194.95 ScorpionUSA.com PROS: • Affordable pricing for high tech gear • Classic look • Three-season ready CONS: • Stiff collar • No pant leg zipperView the full article
  5. stubble!

    2019 DVD

    Bill sorry to miss you, but glad you’re getting that fixed up.
  6. Tank

    2019 DVD

    I will be with my Doctor on the 12th of November as he fueses my back at L4-L5, Next Year sounds good
  7. TEDZ

    McDonalds is targeting older workers

    After 30 years driving a desk, I retired, moved, rode to Alaska, built a garage, then got bored over the winter. So I got a CDL and a seasonal springtime job delivering grain seed. Every six year old kid’s dream job. Diesel engine, jake brake, and air horns. And plenty of time to ride.
  8. Trey_N

    2019 DVD

    Hi folks. I'm semi-new here. Was a member for a short time about ten years ago, but then life got in the way of riding. But I'm past that phase now and looking forward to riding more. Have made reservations at the Exchange Club and (I think) the Kern Lodge. Not sure about the latter as the email confirmation says "Hotel Kernville CA East," but the street address is correct, so hopefully it's the same place. Looking forward to meeting folks and some great riding. Trey East SF Bay Area 2018 R1200RT
  9. Shane J.

    BMW Repair and Service Manual on CD

    Yes please, I can use this. I will pm my address to you.
  10. KDeline

    Unexpected acquisition of R1250RT-P

    Drivers are twice as stupid when on mine. Looking in mirror at you, not paying attention to surrounding traffic, slowing down, then act like fools and a tad of road rage when they finally realize you are not PD.
  11. KDeline

    Run-N-Lites. Lite blazer.

    I have this on an 1100 non Canbus. As far as I can tell and have tried, I cannot get this to work with Canbus, as there is not a separate positive tail light and brake light wire on the bike. Both are the same wire with Canbus system.
  12. KDeline

    CHP R1250RT-P in Fresno , yes it's true.

    Were did you find this information? I cannot find it, would like the details.
  13. roadscholar


  14. sach7581

    Another Fuel Gauge Question

    So my fuel gauge didn't work when I bought my '05 RT. It reads full all the time. I've only filled it up once and have about 200 miles on this tank. Do I need to bite the bullet and buy the sensor strip or is there hope for the old strip? I see the "zapper" method only works on gauges that read empty. A little more background: When I bought the bike it hadn't run in three years. The gauge read full but I didn't do a visual check. I hot wired the fuel pump to get it running, actually backwards first then forward. During this time, the fuel gauge was unplugged. Unplugged, it showed empty. Plugged it in and it read full. Road 150 miles and still showed full. Looked in the tank and guessed it to be less than 1/2 full.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Bernie

    Pretty cool article showing how Arai helmets are made

    I been using Arai full face Helmets for over 30 years. I ran into The Service Pavilion guys at a Daytona Bike Week event and they fitted me at the event.They moved me into a proper shaped helmet, that is 2 sizes smaller then what the local bike shop had me use and it has been a lot quieter, then the wrong model helmet I was using before. Now all I have to do is drop them a email and they change the pads inside a new helmet for my fit and mail the helmet. The nice thing is that they keep track of what I bought before, what paddings I needed and they don‘t charge extra to exchange the pads for different sizes. I know you think they will only sell at full list or premium pricing. No that isn‘t the case, on my last helmet, they beat Revzilla‘s prices, with me even having to ask for any thing special. I am just a satisfied customer, that’s all.
  17. Ken S

    Unrally location: Where the hell is Cambria, CA?

    It may not be appropriate, or comfortable, for you, but many western states allow you to pull 2 trailers, if the second one is a "utility" trailer. I've done it. But don't try to back up with such a rig. I'm also considering an RV trip to the area with my 5th-wheel rig. Anybody know of good camping spots nearby?
  18. Living the Dream

    Straight up inspiration!!!!

    My medieval torture chamber
  19. scout6

    Chuckwagon reservations for 2020 events

    Susan and I have a room for Spring!
  20. lkraus

    Battery cables snipped

    I don't think the new forum software allows that, but we work around that by adding signatures to our posts. In the upper right hand corner, click the downward pointing arrow next to your user name, select Account Settings, and then Signature. You can create your own signature from there. It's helpful if it includes your general location and year/model of your bike(s). Make sure View Signatures? is turned on. Signatures do not appear if the browser window is too narrow or on a phone.
  21. dirtrider

    Battery cables snipped

    Afternoon Jack On your 2005 1200 RT the positive battery cable is incorporated into the main wire harness (but it doesn't need to stay there). You can just cut you old cable off where it enters & exits the wire harness then run a new one along the outside of the harness using a few zip ties to hold it there. You can buy different length battery cables with ring terminals on each end (or have a local welding shop build you one to your specific length). You will need to accurately measure the length that you need. Probably use a piece of non stretching rope or a piece of thin rubber hose to route along where you need it to run then measure that.
  22. A mystery with a happy ending. View the full article
  23. jack ronner

    Battery cables snipped

    Sorry; it's a 2005 RT. On another forum I belong to, I persuaded the administrators to include under the name and stats box your year and model. Maybe I'll do the same here. I see you're from Ohio. Last summer I did a 10,000 mile circuit of the lower 48 and up to Quebec. One of my goals was to hit W. Virginia, Maine and N. Dakota. That would have completed the full set of all lower 48 states on the bike. Only later did I realize that I haven't visited Ohio on the bike!! In '72, on my emigration to California, my Bonneville broke down 12 miles short of Ohio, and I turned around and went back home rather than risk getting stranded again (I had it shipped by air for free since I'd worked for an air freight company for a year after college). I'll have to remedy that omission one of these years. BTW, have you noticed that there are no obviously long distance, laden to the gunnels, tourers that don't have mostly gray hair on the roads these days? Especially BMW riders (tho' I guess you have to be older to afford one nowadays). And, if you have any problems with lower back issues, or if you have problems flat-footing the RT as I do, I have some low-ech mods that could help if you're interested. Thanks again.
  24. beemerboy

    Chuckwagon reservations for 2020 events

    I was told that I can stay there but not if I have the Ducati with me.
  25. TEWKS

    Craigslist find of the day

    Tempting for $2,350. Damaged fairing would probably be expensive to replace (how'd it happen) and not running but turns over. Other than that...Sweet!
  26. Indy Dave

    SOLD: BMW All Around Boots sz44

    Boots are SOLD!
  27. dirtrider

    Battery cables snipped

    Afternoon Jack (exactly) what year & model are you working with?
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