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  2. gazzr11r

    Break lever pulsing

    The EDC discs were fitted prior to me acquiring the bike and were fitted last year, although the pads are near to minimum wear so unbelievably I suspect new pads were not fitted. I've elevated the front wheel and spun it up while holding a scribe against both discs and there appears to be no visible warpage. A visible warpage would be expected due to the large displacement experienced on the brake lever during low speed braking and the dipping of the front end whilst coming to a stop. There is no evidence of any sign of brake pad binding during storage, indeed the bike has done a steady 10k yearly for previous years. I have new organic edc pads and brake cleaner to clean the discs, I'll also remove the front wheel and take it to my motorcycle shop to spin up on the wheel balancer to check the disc and mic them. I'm sure the abs would not cause such a fluctuation on the lever at low speed ?
  3. narcosis

    Front Wheel R&R

    This is the sixth time I've removed and re-installed the front wheel and the following step always bothers me. When re-installing the front wheel, before tightening the axle, the manual states "Firmly compress the front forks several times." after taking the bike off the center stand. Okay, how? The only suspension movement I can get with my weight is when it's set as soft as possible, and then it's not much. How are other folks doing this?
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  5. freetime2247

    Recall Notice

    Hope your dealer gets you fixed up quickly.
  6. texRT2

    HT F750-850 GS tail plate/rack

    Any interest??
  7. I hope.the forecast imprroves. Right now Saturday looks pretty iffy.
  8. Led

    2021 1250RT changes?

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible to put two, the satellite of the main module will not cope with such a load and will give an error. One horn works fine, whatever you want. On the RT 21, the satellite of the main module is programmed for two horn channels, as on gtl/gt. On rt 19, only one horn channel is active. For additional horns/headlights/other useful devices, you can use HEX ezCAN.
  9. wbw6cos

    2021 1250RT changes?

    Guessing I can swap out the horn on my '19 RT for those. Hopefully, it is plug and play. Won't know until it shows up on parts fiche or I see them in person. I would be curious about the current draw and how it would affect the electrical set-up.
  10. Dave_in_TX

    Shift Cam Oil

    Based on an email response a poster quoted on the advrider forum, Rotella currently contains too much phosphorus to carry an SL or later API rating. If you are not concerned about poisoning your catalytic converter or other parts of your emission control system then continue using Rotella.
  11. JonHull

    Rusted Rear Spline

    Bought my bike new in 2017. 18K miles mostly asphalt under mostly dry conditions. It's only been driven in heavy rain for a total of 4 hours max. I have never driven it off road, in the mud, or through any brooks or rivers. I use a garden hose to wash on low pressure. I read this thread a while ago and made sure they checked it when I had it serviced this week. Note the mechanics comments on the attached picture. This bike has been pampered, and it was still full of water. I would encourage anyone who cares to have theirs checked out.
  12. Led

    2021 1250RT changes?

    Yes, the new beep consists of two horns. It's very LOUD! In traffic, the box drivers wake up quickly when I use it. ))
  13. szurszewski

    Trans Continental Divide Trail

    I want really good before and after pics of the bikes. I know for sure I would add a lot of “character” to any bike I took on a ride like that. I think we talked about this a little bit last fall (but maybe you still don’t remember who I am ) - it sounded like a great family adventure. I’m glad you’re going ahead - in fact, I think you should send your buddy’s girlfriend a nice thank you gift card for pushing you to do this ride with your boys. Anyway - very much looking forward to updates, and sorry I won’t be in Torrey to see you all riding together. PS: you gonna put all three bikes in here? I think there’s room...
  14. AZgman

    Wow Hogs Can Fly!

    It really needs a front fender extender. The radiator is pretty caked up. Great review!
  15. roadscholar

    Trans Continental Divide Trail

    I think 80/20 is what I meant, I'm not that hip on the tire lingo/ratio thing : ) I've usually just run what the bike came with (which has it's consequences) but haven't planned an epic 5000 mile trip either. I’d probably go with a TKC80 but a lot of good alternatives have come along since they debuted 20 years ago, although they come standard on 701’s and I think 690’s which says something. Dunlop 606’s are pretty good too but they’re noisy onroad. The point is trying to find something that can churn thru mud but is also hard enough compound to last the whole trip but I don't know if that's possible. I'll check with some of the guys here that probably will though. There are a couple long distance dirt riders on Advrider you could PM that would know too, Big Dog Adventures or RTW Paul, I'm sure both would be glad to give an opinion. Also @big-t and @Kenny Haynes here might throw in, they've done the TAT a few times and ridden most of the central Rockies. Another idea is to dropship tires and have them mounted in route. There used to be a really good guy in Buena Vista (Sean) but don't know if he still has his shop, Larry would know. Also the Jeep rental place in Salida (Rocky Mtn Jeep, Craig) is a good resource for almost anything. I know there's a good motorcycle shop in Kremmling too (Alpine Motorsports) they're all dirt enthusiasts and the route goes right thru there. Might be a good place to hang out a day or so anyway, it’s an authentic cowboy town unlike the foofoo ski resorts plus those guys can point out or show you some really nice riding areas close by. https://www.alpinemotorsportsinc.com/service-repair-atvs-utvs-motorcycles-dealership--service https://reviewmotors.co/best-80-20-dual-sport-motorcycle-tires/ On second thought, with TKC80’s you might get by replacing just the back tire on the 1290, that beast likely eats rears pretty quick (I know, I rode it one time : ) my 1150 would go thru one in about 3k, front was usually good for 8 or 9.
  16. Bigfish

    Both Low Beams and Both Moto Lights out???

    Thanks DR. I wont have time to investigate this until after the 25th of April. I did not install the Moto Lights but I will take off all the tupperware and trace the connection and get back to you.
  17. Ponch

    Extended Warranty- Worth it?

    Actually they lose points if you pre pay it. Sometimes a cash buyer would or should do that when they have two different prices. Take the loan and pay it off before a month is out. The only way they might be incentivized not to f with a cash deal is if they are down with their sales quotas and it's end of month/quarter/year. Even then they'll try to squeeze you. You have to go in with titanium balls.
  18. Oldrider51

    FS: Parts from 2004 R1100S

    One OEM Front spring strut, BMW 2 330997, Showa B0143, NOT Sports spring strut, removed at 29,072 miles & 10/2014: $36.00 including shipping to CONUS, Paypal F&F payment ONE OEM Rear spring strut, BMW 2 330998, Showa B0142, NOT Sports spring strut, removed at 29,072 miles & 10/2014: $46.00 including shipping to CONUS, Paypal F&F payment ONE OEM Seat, very good condition, removed at 36,104 miles & 5/2016: $165.00 including shipping to CONUS, Paypal F&F payment If interested and need further pictures, please contact me.
  19. DaveTheAffable

    Canbus Power Issue?

    Good info from you guys! I have auxillary LED brake lights (Skene) that are powered from the rear din auxillary power. They always stayed on for 30 seconds after I turned bike off. I thought it was power "bleed down". LOL. Now I see that the LED's were staying on also if I left the ZUMO on. That sure points to the ZFE timing. I'll do some more testing, maybe re-wiring.
  20. szurszewski

    Extended Warranty- Worth it?

    That way is only a loss for the shop if they get paid over time by the interest. If they just get an origination fee/kickback from the actual loan owner, it’s no difference to them when you pay it off.
  21. TEWKS

    Wow Hogs Can Fly!

    Two new points of interest. Deadwood Green is now going to be available Stateside. And this reviewer is speaking English which makes it easier to understand the enthusiastic nod given to this machine.
  22. Hosstage

    Extended Warranty- Worth it?

    I bought a bike at a dealer, got the price, went in to pay for it, and was told that is not the cash price, that is a finance price, cash was $1000 more. I was quite taken back, said fine, and paid it off the next day. A little extra credit building for me, no real earnings for them. And no extended warranty.
  23. SwamperCal

    North Meets South 2021 Oakhurst, CA

    Not going to make it, I'm doing a track day at ThunderHill. Still signed up at Torrey next month.
  24. 92Merc

    2021 1250RT changes?

    Sound like BMW may have changed the horns according to that video.
  25. Ponch

    Remus Hexicone

    I used a 2.25 ID to 2.5 OD adapter and I cut three equidistant slots on the 2.25 side so it tightens better. its a little loose. I couldn't find a metric equivalent. The other thing, this one isn't stainless, so I will try to source a stainless one and possibly metric, which I think is 54 or 55mm x 63mm or something like that. w
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