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BigTexRally 2021


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The BigTexRally is a motorcycle rally that encompasses the entire state of Texas. Kind of like a scavenger hunt on two wheels, this rally is designed to be a fun challenge for riders with all levels of experience. Where you go will be largely up to you: high plains drifter? twisty mountain roads? piney woods flower-sniffing? Chances are, you’ll do it all.  

This year, things will start a little differently.
There will be only one event: the 60 hour rally that will commence on 6 AM, Thursday 14 October 2021, and conclude at the endpoint in the Dallas area at 6 PM, Saturday 16 October 2021. Each rider will travel to various locations across the state, taking digital photographs of places that they visit, and in a few cases, maybe collect some some small object. Each of these locations or items will have various point values based on complexity, effort of travel, and how cool we think the places are. There is no way to go to each and every one, so there will be some element of planning, and each rider's travel plan will likely be somewhat different than all others, creating the opportunity for each participant to have a unique adventure. Plan your little route, run around to the different locations, send us the photos as you travel, then make it back to Dallas in time for the finish. We'll add up everyone's scores, feed you, give you a couple drinks, listen to your stories, and all will have fun.


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