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New battery arrives, a shorty



Not as in electrical short, but as in dimensionally short.  5mm to be exact.  So the battery hold-down strap is quite loose over the new battery.



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Put a piece of closed cell foam under the battery or between strap and battery.

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Thanks, I checked my stash but have nothing thin enough.  I do have a collection of rubber grommets about the right thickness.  I could put one of those in each corner of the battery tray.

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I would want something to spread the load out a little more on the plastic case than the four corner grommets.

I've seen cardboard used to make battery spacers. Not saying it's right, just saying I've seen it.

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Go get thin piece of plywood from hobby store. Paint it black. You can get it as small as 1/16. Hobby store as in model airplanes

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Thanks for the suggestions.  I like the idea of some cushioning under the battery to reduce vibrations.  Looks like 1/4"  thick mat of some type could work 

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My PC680 was a little shorter than the stock battery, and a different connection meant the positive terminal cover did not fit.  A section of bucket lid took care of both issues.


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