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2010 R1200RT, starts , then does not start, no fault codes were found, by BMW Dealer , bought bike almost 4 month ago ,with 14.000 kls , is immaculate, have done 5,000 ks, no problems.

Went away with a bunch of Old Farts Growing Old Disgracefully, Ulysses Bike Riders, for the over 40s, here down under. Two and 1/2 days into ride, very hot day, hit starter, nothing. Some of the boys stayed with me while BMW road assist sent tow, tried stand up, rocking in gear , all usual stuff, road assist were going to jump start but we informed them had horn and lights, so they towed back to Sydney.

Dealer said bike started as soon as it came off tow, but was not fitted with BMW original battery, was not being used enough, needed trickle charger and new battery. I took off trickle charger that was on R1200RT, and put on my old GTR 1000 Kawasaki, knew BMW was going to get used a lot had done about 600 ks in, Two and 1/2 days prior to stopping, agreed to them fitting new BMW battery,  old battery was only 13 months old , 3 hour drive return to get to Dealers, bike does not start, not happy, dealer investigated, new battery faulty. Waited for new  original battery, told everything checked , come and pick up, guess what , arrived no go , even more unhappy. Previous Owner never had bike in rain , I needed to get use to riding in rain, so with El Nino , down here at moment , lots of riding in rain was not a problem.

Dealers main mechanic checks bike two days after I went to pick up the last time, started 15 times that morning ?

Dealer said no faults found on computer checking ?

Dinosaur should be my user name, not very computer literate, has taken hours to do this , finding a site that looked good, with people willing to help , not even sure if this is the right place to put this request for help, not even sure if my bike is Camhead , Oilhead, so you will need LOTS of patience, not on computer all the time , only ever had Japanese Bikes in the past, love the R1200 RT, have basic mechanical knowledge, any help very much appreciated, have only ever looked at others posting thing , to pick up info. on other sites for old bikes and old cars and old boats. First time ever putting up Blog even checked what Blog actually meant just to be sure , so hope this is ok, in right place.   

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