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R1200RT-P conversion


Greetings from Montréal,


I am new to your forum and hoping to get an answer to my little problem with the conversion of a beautiful 2009 R1200 RTP to civilian configuration. With the help of my friend Ben, we succeeded in removing the police pack switches from the handlebar and are now ready to reassemble the motorcycle (there is parts everywhere in the house...). We checked every time we remove or unplugged a switch to be certain it didn't cause any electrical problem. We had to detach the FIAMM horn which was replacing the original horn from the circuits and now would like to re-install it without using the police pack wiring. Here is the problem: the horn switch doesn't activate the new relay (!), in fact, there is no continuity when it is activated and checked with an Ohm meter. The horn switch was working fine before. We checked the circuit diagram from Clymer reference book but it doesn't give an explanation or suggestion. Is there anyone who can help us?

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