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TFT Screen Trouble

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Hello friends. I have a 2020 R 1250 GS. The TFT screen is correctly connected to my iPhone and my SENA 10S Intercom. However, in the Telephone Menu: The Phone Book and Call List appear correctly but FAVORITES do not appear. This makes making a call very cumbersome because the contact list is very large, in addition the SENA button to make a call by voice command does not work when it is connected to the TFT. 

I was in the BMW workshop and they updated the software of the bike. Also, I updated the software of the Bluetooth SENA (New 10S) and I updated the software of my new iPhone 11 Pro. None of this has helped. The Favorites option still does not appear in the Telephone Menu.
In the BMW workshop they could not give me any answer.
Does anyone know anything about this topic?

Does anyone know how I can make the option PHONE: FAVORITES appear in the menu? Thank you.



Telephone Data: Favourites (Listo of Favourites) don't appear.1929147553_TFTTelphoneData.png.7e5c6a6acff3c61e16520eb8daec1e04.png711146951_TFTFavourites.png.94c45ee0de9af8b363aa28a02cdf864b.png

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