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Gas+Air+Spark => It's alive!

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About this blog

Wallowing in the joys of internal  combustion on two wheels.

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New battery

So the official BMW battery 61212346800 is ~ $190.

AGM, 19 Ah, 170 CCA


BeemerBoneyard offers Westco 12V20P for $84.95, but UPS Ground shipping adds $23.15 for me.

AGM, 20 AH, 275 CCA


Amazon offers the 12V20P for $79.99 with free shipping.  Going with that.


What to expect

First blog entry.  Stardate whatever.  So this blog is primarily for my own benefit.  Memory isn't what it used to be.  Life is fleeting.  Going to try to slow down and enjoy the process of resesitating this 2000 r1100r.  Low miles, but mostly unused the past 10 years.  I figure blogging about it will make it less about the end state and more about getting there. 

First up, new battery...

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