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Hi just would like to talk about the R1200RTP. 2011 bought mine in October 2019 it had 105Ks on her.

Since I have had the bike I have found out these facts about the R1200RTP.

The P bikes have a shorter first gear than civilian models, the red line is 250 rpm higher Know this from Scan tool GS 911.

As well I suspect the fuel injection is set leaner   as i get over 430Ks a tank and that's flogging it 3.1sec to 100KPH & a lot of stop start.

checked with Accerlaration timer from Google Play average of 10 runs the best is 2.85, I know it is

Faster than a civilian bike as have friend with 2018 R1200RT with 6000 Ks on her & drag race him several times.

 Can anyone tell me more or know if facts are correct. 

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