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An overview of Honda Winner 150

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Winner 150 is a brand-new high-class sports motorbike introduced by Honda Vietnam Company at Vietnam Motorbikes Exhibition 2016 to satisfy the needs of customers who are passionate about high-end sports motorbikes.

Honda Winner is designed based on the idea of a high-class sports motorbike with strong lines and sporty features to help the driver comfortably experience on the roads.


Introduction of Honda Winner 150


Although it has only debuted for more than 3 years, the Winner 150 have confirmed their position and attraction in the segment of clutch motorbikes with the favorite clubs throughout the provinces and cities.

In 2019, Honda Winner has some changes that bring a new wind of changing paint colors and motorbike stamps. At this upgrade, the addition of a matte black paint version brings a powerful appearance to the driver, meeting the needs of the market. The design style is expected to bring users excitement and pride in owning and driving.


The price of latest Winner 150  


In 2019, Winner 150 is offered at an attractive price of VND 38.5 million in Hanoi and VND 40.1 million in Ho Chi Minh City. Previously in 2018, the price of Honda Winner ranged from 37 to 38 million, the price in 2019 is lower than the proposed level of 5.4 - 7.5 million.


What's new in Honda Winner 150?


Winner 150 - New version 2019 was launched by Honda Vietnam with an impressive change due to the design and color options. The stamp "LTD" and the "WINNER" logo are more designed with silver painted bird wings in harmony with the color of the motorbike. In 2019, Honda Winner adds color options with the black, more attractive than Winner version. Now, the color options are 4 colors: Red Black, Blue Black, Yellow Black, White Black.


Review Winner 150


Winner's lighting system makes a big difference with the LED headlamp type 2 floors, providing better visibility for the driver at night.

Exterior color of Honda Winner 150

Besides the sports version with red, yellow, blue and white color options, Honda Winner 150 has a high-end version with strong black.

Equipment and utilities on Honda Winner 150

As a sporty clutch bike, it is not for the masses so the safety and utility equipment on Honda Winner 150 is not as good as other popular models of Honda.


Transmission Manual

Gears 6 Gears

Engine Size 150 cc

Seat Height 780 mm

Weight 119 KG

Horse Power 16.1 HP

Tank Size 4.5 Liters

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