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One of the more simple, but useful features is the return of the "Joined Date" at the bottom of the avatar.  This is not a core feature of this forum software, but is provided by a 3rd party add-on that we found.



A more complex new feature is the Member Map.  Follow THIS LINK  for more information.  DO NOT USE ZIP CODE IN THE MAP LOCATION ... USE CITY, STATE OR STATE





The next new feature we are calling BMWSportTouring Member Assistance.  It is similar to the BMWMOA Anonymous Book.  The concept is by adding new fields in the Member Profile, BMWST members can add (or not) information pertaining to assistance they may be willing to give to BMWST Members who have mechanical problems away from home.


Participation is entirely optional , but you might consider some level of help even if its just phone coordination and message relay.


Below are some screen shots.  The added feature of doing this internally is that the Assistance field is searchable and  appears on the search form so you can find folks willing to assist simply by doing a search on the board.




How to add your information for Member Assistance

All you need to do is access your Member Profile edit page.  You can do this by clicking on your avatar and then the "Edit Profile" link in the upper right.

The available options are shown below (note: you can  leave the Travel Breakdown Assistance" option blank or select No if you choose not to participate, but you must choose "yes" if you want your listing to be searchable ! )



Filled in




How it appears in the Member Profile Page




Some may ask, well, why didn't you just integrate this into the member map.  Problem is, the developer of the map doesn't provide a method to do that.  However, the map does provide some assistance.  If you click on a Member pin and then click on their avatar in the popup, you will be shown the Member Profile page which contains the Member Assistance information (if provided) as shown above.  However, using the search feature on the board is much more efficient to find only those who have offered to help.


If you have any questions, please post them in the Discussion Board Support Forum





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